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p. 124


WITH stedfast site and birthplace thou art stedfast: settle
thou duly in thy stedfast birthplace, rejoicing in the
Ukhya's first appearance.
Here let the Asvins, the Adhvaryus, seat thee.
2 Nesting, intelligent, dripping with butter, in the auspicious
seat of earth be seated.
Let Rudras, Vasus welcome thee with praises: fill full these
prayers for our propitious fortune.
Here let the Asvins, the Adhvaryus, seat thee.
3 Here, Guard of Strength, with thine own powers be seated
for the Gods’ happiness and great enjoyment.
Even as a father to his son, be friendly: with easy entrance
enter with thy body. Here let the Asvins, the Adhvaryus
seat thee:
4 Thou art the filling-stuff of earth called Apsas. May all the
Gods celebrate thee with praises.
Enriched with songs of praise, Prishthas and butter, sit here
and give us wealth with store of children.
Here let the Asvins, etc.
5 Upon the back of Aditi I lay thee the sky's supporter, pillar
of the Quarters,
Queen over creatures. Wave and drop of waters art thou;
and Visvakarman is thy Rishi.
6 Sukra and Suchi, seasons, both, of summer—thou art the
innermost cement of Agni.
May Heaven and Earth, may Waters, Plants and Agnis help,
separate, accordant, my precedence.

p. 125

Let all the Agnis ’twixt the earth and heaven gather together
round these summer seasons, as the Gods gather in their
hosts round Indra,
Firm, with that Deity, Angiras-like, be seated.
7 Associate with the Seasons, with the Modes with the Gods,
with the health-establishing Gods—may the Asvins the
Adhvaryus settle thee here for Agni Vaisvânara.
Associate.............with the Vasus, etc.
Associate.............with the Rudras, etc.
Associate.............with the Âdityas, etc.
Associate.............with the Visvedevas, etc.
8 Guard thou my breath. Guard my out-breathing. Guard
my through-breathing. Illume mine eye with far-reaching
vision. Give power of hearing to mine ear. Pour
forth waters. Quicken plants. Protect bipeds. Protect
quadrupeds. Send rain from heaven.
9 The head is vital vigour. Prajâpati became the metre.
Royalty is vital vigour, health-giving metre. The Supporter
is vital vigour, the Sovran Lord the metre. Visvakarman
is vital vigour, Parameshthin the metre. The he-goat is
vital vigour, excellent the metre. The bull is vital vigour,
extensive the metre. Man is vital vigour, languid the
metre. The tiger is vital vigour, invincible the metre. The
lion is vital vigour, covering the metre. The four-year
bull is vital vigour, Brihatî the metre. The ox is vital
vigour, Kakup the metre. The steer is vital vigour,
Satobrihatî the metre.

p. 126

10 The bullock is vital vigour, Pankti the metre. The milch-cow
is vital vigour, Jagatî the metre. The eighteen-month
calf is vital vigour, Trishtup the metre. The two
year old steer is vital vigour, Virâj the metre. The
thirty-month old ewe is vital vigour, Gâyatrî the metre. The
three year old steer is vital vigour, Ushnih the metre.
The four year old ox is vital vigour, Anushtup the metre.
Fill up the room, etc. The dappled kine, etc. All sacred
songs, etc. are three texts repeated from XII. 54-56.
See also XIII. 58.
11 Indra and Agni, in its place securely set the unshaking brick.
Thou with thy back sunderest heaven and the broad earth
and firmament.
12 On the air's back let Visvakarman set thee, thee the capacious,
thee the far-extended.
Control the air, fix firm the air, do thou the air no injury.
For all breath, out-breath, through-breath, upward breathing,
for high position, for prescribed observance,
May Vâyu keep thee safe with great well-being, with securest
shelter. In the manner of Angiras, with that Deity
lie steady.
13 Queen art thou, Quarter of the East. Wide-ruler, Quarter
of the South. West Quarter, thou art Sovran. Thou
Autocrat, Quarter of the North.
Queen Paramount art thou, the Lofty Point.
14 On the air's back may Visvakarman set thee luminous.
Control all light for all breath, for out-breath, up-breath,
Thy Lord is Vâyu, with that Deity, Angiras-like, lie firm.
15 Two Rainy Seasons, Nabhas and Nabhasya—thou art the
innermost cement of Agni, etc. (as in XIII. 25).

p. 127

16 Isha and Ûrja, two Autumnal Seasons—thou art the innermost
cement of Agni, etc.
17 Preserve my life. Preserve my breath. Guard mine
out-breath. Preserve mine eyes. Preserve mine ears.
Strengthen my voice. Quicken my mind. Preserve my
self. Vouchsafe me light.
18 Mâ metre. Pramâ metre. Pratimâ metre. Âsrivayas metre.
Pankti metre. Ushnih metre. Brihatî metre. Anushtup
metre. Virâj metre. Gâyatrî metre, Trishtup metre.
Jagatî metre.
19 Earth metre. Sky metre. Heaven metre. Years metre.
Nakshatras metre. Vâk metre. Mind metre. Husbandry
metre. Gold metre. Cow metre. She-goat metre. Horse
20 The Deity Agni. The Deity Vita. The Deity Sûrya. The
Deity Moon. The Deity Vasus. The Deity Rudras. The
Deity Âdityas The Deity Maruts. The Deity Visvedevas.
The Deity Brihaspati. The Deity Indra. The Deity
21 Chief art thou, bright, supporting, firm, thou art the great
sustainer, Earth.
Thee for life, thee for lustre, thee for tillage, thee for peace
and rest.
22 Controller, brilliant art thou, managing controller, firm
sustainer. For strength, for energy thee, for riches thee,
for prosperity thee.
Fill up the room, etc. The dappled kine, etc. All sacred
songs, etc. (as in 10).

p. 128

23 This Swift, the triple praise-song. The Shining, the
Pañchadasa hymn. Heaven, the Saptadasa. The Supporter, the
Ekavimsa. Speed, the Ashtâdasa. Ardour, the Navadasa.
Triumphant Onset, Savimsa, Vigour, Dvâvimsa. Maintenance,
Trayovimsa. Womb, Chaturvimsa. Embryos,
Pañchavimsa. Energy, the Trinava. Intention, the Ekatrimsa.
The Basis, the Trayastrimsa. The Bright One's
Station, the Chatustrimsa. The Vault of Heaven, the
Shattrimsa. The Revolving One, the Ashtâchatvârimsa.
The Support, the Four-divisioned praise-song.

p. 129

24 Thou art the portion of Agni, chief control of Consecration.
The Priesthood is saved; the Trivrit Stoma.
Thou art the portion of Indra, the sovranty of Vishnu. The
Nobility is saved; the Pañchadasa Stoma.
Thou art the share of the Man-beholders; the supremacy of
the Creator; the birthplace is saved; the Saptadasa Stoma.
Thou art the share of Mitra, the sovranty of Varuna. Rain
of heaven and wind are saved; the Ekavimsa Stoma.
25 Thou art the share of the Vasus, the sovranty of the Rudras.
Quadrupeds are saved; the Chaturvimsa Stoma.
Thou art the share of the Âdityas; the sovranty of the Maruts.
The Embryos are saved; the Pañchavimsa Stoma.
Thou art the share of Aditi; the sovranty of Pûshan.
Strength is saved; the Trinava Stoma.
Thou art the share of God Savitar; the sovranty of Brihaspati.
The universal Quarters are saved; the Chatushtoma
26 Thou art the share of the Yavas; the sovranty of the Ayavas.
Creatures are saved; the Chatuschatvârimsa Stoma.
Thou art the share of the Ribhus; the sovranty of the
Visvedevas. The Being is saved; the Trayastrimsa Stoma.
27 Sahas, Sahasya, the two Winter Seasons—thou art the innermost
cement of Agni, etc. (as in XIII. 25).
28 With one they praised; creatures were produced. Prajâpati
was over-lord.
With three they praised; the Priesthood was created. Brihaspati
was over-lord.

p. 130

With five they praised; beings were created. The Lord of
Beings was over-lord.
With seven they praised; the Seven Rishis were created.
Dhâtar was over-lord.
29 With nine they praised; the Fathers were created. Aditi
was Sovran Lady.
With eleven they praised; the Seasons were created. The
Season-Lords were over-lords.
With thirteen they praised; the Months were created. The
Year was over-lord.
With fifteen they praised; the Nobility was created. Indra
was over-lord.
With seventeen they praised; domestic animals were created.
Brihaspati was over-lord.
30 With nineteen they praised; Sûdra and Arya were created.
Day and Night were Sovran Ladies.
With twenty-one they praised; solid-hoofed animals were
created. Varuna was over-lord.
With twenty-three they praised; small animals were created.
Pûshan was over-lord.
With twenty-five they praised; forest animals were created.
Vâyu was over-lord.
With twenty-seven they praised; earth and heaven came
apart. Vasus, Rudras, Âdityas followed separately, so
they were over-lords.
31 With twenty-nine they praised; Trees were created. Soma
was over-lord.
With thirty-one they praised; creatures were created. The
Yavas and the Ayavas were over-lords.
With thirty-three they praised; living beings. were happy.
Prajâpati, the Supreme in Place, was over-lord.
Fill up the room, etc. The dappled kine, etc. All sacred
songs, etc. Repeated from XII. 14-16.

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