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p. 44


BY impulse of God Savitar I take thee with arms of Asvins,
with the hands of Pûshan. Thou art a woman. Here
I cut the necks of Râkshasas away. Barley art thou.
Bar off from us our haters, bar our enemies.
Thee for heaven, thee for earth, thee for the welkin. Pure
be the worlds, the Fathers’ dwelling-places. Thou art the
habitation of the Fathers.
2 Thou art a leader, easy, to Unnetars, of access. Know
this. It will stand upon thee.
Savitar, God, anoint thee with sweet butter. Thee for the
plants laden with goodly fruitage!
Thou with thy top hast touched the sky, hast with thy
middle filled the air, and steadied with thy base the earth.
3 Those seats of thine which we desire to visit, where there
are many-horned and nimble. oxen,
There, of a truth, was mightily imprinted the loftiest step
of widely-striding Vishnu.
I close thee in, the winner of the Brâhmans, winner of
Nobles and abundant riches.
Strengthen the Brâhmans, strengthen thou the Nobles,
strengthen our vital power, strengthen our offspring.
4 Look ye on Vishnu's works, whereby the Friend of Indra,
Hath let his holy ways be seen.

p. 45

5 The princes evermore behold that loftiest place where
Vishnu is,
Laid as it were an eye in heaven.
6 Thou art invested. Heavenly hosts invest thee! Riches of
men invest this Sacrificer!
Heaven's son art thou. This is thine earthly station. Thine
is the beast whose home is in the forest.
7 Encourager art thou. The hosts of heaven have come to
yearning Gods, the best conductors.
God Tvashtar, make the wealth of cattle quiet. Delightful
to the taste be thine oblations.
8 Joy, wealthy ones! Brihaspati, save our riches.
I bind thee with the noose of holy Order, thou offering to
the Gods. Bold be the Slayer.
9 By impulse of God Savitar I bind thee, with arms of Asvins
and with hands of Pûshan, thee welcome unto Agni and
to Soma.
Thee for the waters, thee for plants. Thy mother grant
thee permission, and thy father, brother born of one dam,
thy friend, thy herd-companion. I sprinkle thee welcome
to Agni-Soma.
10 Drinker art thou of water. May the Waters, the Goddesses,
add sweetness to the oblation prepared for Gods, even
though already sweetened.

p. 46

Thy breath join wind, thy limbs those meet for worship, the
sacrifice's lord the boon he prays for.
11 Balmed, both of you, with butter, guard the cattle. Grant,
Rich! the Sacrificer's prayer. Approach thou.
Meeting with heavenly Wind, from air's mid-region. Be
thou united with this offering's body.
O Great One, lead the sacrifice's master on to a sacrifice of
loftier order. All-hail to Gods! To Gods All-hail!
12 Become no serpent, thou, become no viper. To thee,
O widely-spread, be adoration.
Advance, unhindered, on thy way. To rivers of butter
move along the paths of Order.
13 Bear the oblation to the Gods, ye Waters celestial and pure
and well-provided. May we become providers well-provided.
14 I cleanse thy voice, thy breath, thine eye, thine ear, thy
navel, and thy feet, thy sexual organ, and thy rump.
15 Let thy mind, voice, and breath increase in fulness, thine
eye be fuller, and thine ear grow stronger.
Whatever there is in thee sore or wounded, may that be
filled for thee, cleansed and united.
Blest be the days. Plant, guard! Axe, do not harm him.
16 Thou art the demons’ share. Expelled are demons. Here
I tread down; here I repel the demons; here lead the
demons into lowest darkness.

p. 47

Invest, ye two, the heaven and earth with fatness.
O Vâyu, eagerly enjoy the droppings. Let Agni eagerly
enjoy the butter. All-hail!
Go, both of you, by Svâhâ consecrated, to Ûrdhvanabhas,
offspring of the Maruts.
17 Ye Waters, wash away this stain and whatsoever taint be here,
Each sinful act that I have done, and every harmless curse
of mine.
May Waters rid me of that guilt, and Pavamâna set me free.
18 Be they united, with the Mind thy mind, and with the Breath
thy breath.
Thou quiverest. Let Agni make thee ready. Waters have
washed together all thy juices.
Thee for the Wind's rush, for the speed of Pûshan. From
heated vapour may it reel and totter,—the disconcerted
hatred of our foemen.
19 Ye drinkers-up of fatness, drink the fatness; drink up the
gravy, drinkers of the gravy! Thou art the oblation of the
air's mid-region. All-hail!
The regions, the fore-regions, the by-regions, the intermediate
and the upper regions,—to all the regions Hail!
20 In every limb is Indra's out-breath seated, in every limb is
Indra's in-breath settled.
God Tvashtar, let thine ample forms be blended, that what
wears different shapes may be one-fashioned.
To please thee let thy friends, mother and father, joy over
thee as to the Gods thou goest.

p. 48

21 Go to the sea. All-hail! Go to the air. All-hail! Go to God
Savitar. All hail!
Go thou to Mitra-Varuna. All-hail! Go thou to Day and
Night. All-hail!
Go to the Metres. till-hail! Go to Heaven and Earth. All-hail!
Go to the sacrifice. All-hail! Go to Soma. All-hail!
Go to the heavenly ether. All-hail! Go to Vaisvânara
Agni. All hail! Bestow upon me mind and heart.
Thy smoke mount to the sky, to heaven thy lustre. Fill
thou the spacious earth full with thine ashes.
22 Harm not the Waters, do the Plants no damage. From every
place, King Varuna, thence save us.
Their saying that we swear our oath by sacred cows, by
O Varuna, save us therefrom.
To us let Waters and let Plants be friendly; to him who
hates us, whom we hate, unfriendly.
23 These waters teem with sacred food: rich in that food, one
longs for them.
Rich be the holy rite therein. In sacred food be Sûrya rich.
24 I set you down in Agni's seat whose home is indestructible.
Indra-and-Agni's share are ye, Mitra-and-Varuna's share are
The share of all the Gods are ye.
May waters gathered near the Sun, and those wherewith the
Sun is joined,
Speed on this sacred rite of ours.
23 Thee for the heart, thee for the mind, thee for the heaven,
thee for the Sun.
Bear up erect to heaven, to Gods, this rite these sacrificial

p. 49

26 Descend, O Soma, King, to all thy people. Down, unto thee,
go, one and all, thy people!
May Agni with his fuel hear my calling. Hear it the Waters
and the Bowls, Divine Ones! Hear, Stones, as knowing
sacrifice, my calling. May the God Savitar hear mine
invocation. All hail!
27 Waters Divine, your wave, the Waters’ offspring, fit for oblation,
potent, most delightful
Upon those Gods among the Gods bestow it, who drink the
pure, of whom ye are the portion. All-hail!
28 Drawing art thou: I draw thee up that Ocean ne’er may
waste or wane.
Let waters with the waters, and the plants commingle with
the plants.
29 That man is lord of endless strength whom thou protectest
in the fight,
Agni, or urgest to the fray.
30 By impulse of God Savitar I take thee with arms of Asvins,
with the hands of Pûshan.
Free with thy gifts art thou. Perform for Indra this deep,
most excellently ordered worship.
With the most noble bolt I pay the worship enriched with
strengthening food and milk and sweetness.
Ye are Nigrâbhyâ waters. heard by Deities: make me content.

p. 50

31 Content my mind, content my speech, content my breath,
content mine eye, content mine ear, content my soul, content
my progeny, content my herds, content the troops
of men about me: never may the bands of men about me
suffer thirst.
32 For Indra girt by Vasus and accompanied by Rudras, thee.
For Indra with Âdityas, thee. For Indra foe-destroyer,
thee. Thee for the Soma-bringing Hawk. For plenty-giving
Agni, thee.
33 Soma, what light there is of thine in heaven, what on the
earth, what in mid-air's wide region,
Therewith give broad space to the Sacrificer for his enrichment:
Comfort thou the giver.
34 Auspicious are ye, conquerors of Vritra, formed for bestowing
wealth, the Immortal's Consorts.
Lead to the Gods this sacrifice, Divine Ones! and at our invitation
drink of Soma.
35 Be not afraid; shake not with terror. Take thou strength.
Ye two Bowls, being firm, stay firm, and take ye strength.
Mishap—not Soma—hath been killed.
36 East, west, north, south, from every side to meet thee let
the regions run.
Fill him, O Mother, let the noble meet together.
37 Thou, verily, O Mightiest, as God shalt gladden mortal man.
O Bounteous Lord, there is no comforter but thou. Indra,
I speak my words to thee.

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