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p. 26


WE have reached this earth's place of sacrificing, the place
wherein all Deities delighted.
Crossing by Rik, by Sâman, and by Yajus, may we rejoice
in food and growth of riches.
Gracious to me be these Celestial Waters!
Protect me, Plant. O Knife, forbear to harm him.
2 The Mother Floods shall make us bright and shining, cleansers
of holy oil, with oil shall cleanse us.
For, Goddesses, they bear off all defilement. I rise up
from them purified and brightened.
The form of Consecration and of Fervour art thou. I put
thee on, the kind and blissful, maintaining an agreeable
3 The Great Ones’ milk art thou. Giver of splendour art
thou: bestow on me the gift of splendour.
Pupil art thou of Vritra's eye. The giver of eyes art thou.
Give me the gift of vision.
4 Purify me the Lord of Thought! Purify me the Lord of
Speech! Purify me God Savitar with perfect strainer, with
the beams of Sûrya!

p. 27

Of thee, Lord of the Strainer! who art by the strainer
With what desire I purify myself, may I accomplish it.
5 We come to you for precious wealth, O Gods, as sacrifice
O Gods, we call on you to give blessings that wait on sacrifice.
6 Svâhâ! from mind the sacrifice. Svâhâ! from spacious
Svâhâ! from Dyaus and Prithivî. Svâhâ! from Wind I
seize. Svâhâ!
7 To Resolution, Motive, Agni, Svâhâ! All-hail to Wisdom,
and to Mind, and Agni!
All-hail to Consecration, Fervour, Agni! Hail to Sarasvatî,
Pûshan, and Agni!
Ye vast, divine, all-beneficial Waters, ye Heaven and Earth
and spacious Air between them,
Let us adore Brihaspati with oblation. All-hail!
8 May every mortal man elect the friendship of the guiding
Each one solicits him for wealth: let him seek fame to prosper
9 Rik's, Sâman's counterparts are ye. I touch you. Protect
me till the sacrifice be ended.
Thou art a place of refuge. Give me refuge. Obeisance
unto thee! Forbear to harm me.
10 Strength of Angirases art thou. Wool-soft, bestow thou
strength on me.
Thou art the garment-knot of Soma. Vishnu's refuge art
thou, the Sacrificer's refuge.

p. 28

Thou art the womb of Indra. Make the crops produce
abundant grain.
Stand up erect, O Tree. Protect me from harm until this
sacrifice be ended.
11 Prepare ye vow-food. Agni is the Brahman, Agni is sacrifice,
the tree is holy.
For aid we meditate divine Intelligence, most merciful,
Free-giver, bringing worship May it guide us gently, as
we would.
Favour us Gods, mind-horn, endowed with mind and intellectual
might! All-hail to them! May they be our protectors.
12 Waters that we have drunk! become refreshing, become
auspicious draughts within our belly.
Free from all sin and malady and sickness, may they be
pleasant to our taste, divine Ones, immortal, strengtheners
of eternal Order.
13 This is thy sacrificial form.
Not offspring, waters I discharge. Freeing from sin and
consecrate by Svâhâ enter ye the earth. Be thou united
with the earth.
14 O Agni, watch thou well. May we take joy in most refreshing
Protect us with unceasing care. From slumber waken us

p. 29

15 Thought hath returned to me, and life; my breath and
soul have come again.
Our bodies' guard, unscathed, Vaisvânara Agni preserve us
from misfortune and dishonour.
16 Thou, Agni, art the guardian God of sacred vows among
mankind, thou meet for praise at holy rites.
Grant this much, Soma! bring yet more. God Savitar who
giveth wealth hath given treasure unto us.
17 This is thy form, O Bright One, this thy lustre. Combine
with this thy form and go to splendour.
Impetuous art thou, upheld by mind, and Vishnu loveth
18 Moved by thine impulse who hast true impulsion, may I
obtain a prop to stay my body.
Pure art thou, glistering art thou, immortal, dear to all the
19 Thought art thou, mind, intelligence, the Guerdon, royal,
worshipful, Aditi with a double head. Succeed for us in
going forth, succeed for us in thy return. May Mitra
bind thee by the foot. May Pûshan guard thy pathways
for Indra whose eye is over all.

p. 30

20 Thy mother give thee leave to go, thy father, thine own
brother, and thy friend of the same herd with thee!
Go thou, O Goddess, to the God. To Soma go for Indra's
May Rudra turn thee back. Return safely with Soma as
thy friend.
21 Thou art a Vasvî, thou art Aditi, thou art an Âdityâ, thou
art a Rudrâ, thou art a Chandrâ.
Brihaspati vouchsafe thee rest and comfort! Rudra with
Vasus looks on thee with favour.
22 On Aditi's head I sprinkle thee, on the earth's place of
Footstep of Idâ art thou, filled with fatness. Hail!
Rejoice in us. Thy kinship is in us. In thee are riches.
Mine be riches! Let us not be deprived of abundant
riches. Thine, thine are riches.
23 I with my thought have commerced with divine far-sighted
Steal not my life. I will not thine. May I, O Goddess, in
thy sight find for myself a hero son.
24 Tell Soma this for me: This is thy share allied with Gâyatrî.
For me say this to Soma: This is thine allotted Trishtup
Tell Soma this for me: This is thy share allied with Jagatî.
Tell Soma this for me: Win thou sole lordship of the metres’
Ours art thou: pure thy juice for draught. Let separators
pick thee out.

p. 31

25 I sing my song of praise to him, Savitar, God between the
Bowls, strong with the wisdom of the wise, of true impulsion,
wealth-giver, the well-beloved thoughtful Sage.
To him at whose impulsion shone aloft in heaven the splendid
Most wise, the Golden-handed hath measured the sky with
skilled design.
For living creatures, thee. Let living creatures breathe
after thee. Breathe after living creatures.
26 Thee who art pure, with what is pure I purchase, the bright
with bright, immortal with immortal.
The Sacrificer keep thy cow. Let thy gold pieces be with us.
Fervour's form art thou, and Prajâpati's nature. With the
most noble animal art thou purchased. May I increase
with thousandfold abundance.
27 As friend, the giver of good friends, approach us!
Take thou thy seat on the right thigh of Indra, yearning on
yearning, pleasing on the pleasing.
Anghâri, Svâna, Bhrâja, and Bambhâri, O Hasta, and Suhasta
and Krisânu,
These are your prices for the Soma purchase. Keep them
securely, let them never fail you.
28 Keep me, O Agni, from unrighteous conduct: make me a
sharer in the path of goodness.

p. 32

I, following Immortals, have arisen with longer life, with a
good life before me.
29 Now have we entered on the path that leads to bliss without
a foe,
The path whereon a man escapes all enemies and gathers
30 The skin of Aditi art thou. Sit on the lap of Aditi.
The Bull hath propped the sky and air's mid-region, the
compass of the broad earth hath he measured.
He, King Supreme, approached all living creatures. Truly
all these are Varuna's ordinances.
31 Over the woods the air hath he extended, put milk in kine
and vigorous speed in horses,
Set intellect in hearts and fire in houses, Sûrya in heaven
and Soma on the mountain.
32 Ascend the eye of Sûrya, mount the pupil set in Agni's eye
Where, radiant through the Wise One, thou speedest along
with dappled steeds.
33 Approach, ye oxen, fit to bear the yoke; be yoked without
a tear.
Slaying no man, urging the Brahman forward, go happily
to the Sacrificer's dwelling.
34 Lord of the World, thou art my gracious helper: move forward
on thy way to all the stations.
Let not opponents, let not robbers find thee, let not malignant
wolves await thy coming.
Fly thou away having become a falcon. Go to the dwelling
of the Sacrificer. That is the special place for us to rest in.

p. 33

35 Do homage unto Varuna's and Mitra's eye: offer this solemn
worship to the Mighty God,
Who seeth far away, the Ensign born of Gods. Sing praises
unto Sûrya, to the Son of Dyaus.
36 Thou art a prop for Varuna to rest on. Ye are the pins that
strengthen Varuna's pillar.
Thou art the lawful seat where Varuna sitteth. Sit on the
lawful seat where Varuna sitteth.
37 Such of thy glories as with poured oblations men honour,
may they all invest our worship.
Wealth-giver, furtherer with troops of heroes, sparing the
brave, come, Soma, to our houses.

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