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Earth, the element, 16. the world, raised by the Varáha, 30. subdued by Prithu, 103. milked by various beings, 104. description of, 166. supported by Śesha, 206. destruction of, 631.
------- the goddess, dialogue with Vishńu as the Varáha, 29. song of, 457. oppressed by the Daityas, applies to Brahmá, 493. mother of Naraka, propitiates Krishńa, 582.

Earrings, produced from the ocean, given to Adití, 78, n. restored by Krishńa to her, 584

Egg of the world, how formed, 18. common symbol amongst the ancients, 18, n. 30. abode of Vishńu as Brahmá; how composed; invested by the principles of creation, 19.

Eka, synonyme of Mahat, 15, n. 22.

Ekachakra, a Dánava, 147.

Ekapádukas, a people, 187.

Ekavinsa, hymns from Brahmá, 42.

Ekoddisht́a-śráddha, rules of, 316.

Elápatra, s. of Kadru, 149.

Elements, evolution of from primary matter, 14, subtile rudiments, how produced, 16. gross or sensible; number and production, ib. successive investment and participation of properties, ib. n. 25. disposition of, 214. successive resolution of into their origin, 635.

Ellis, notice of the Vedas,i.

Ether, the element, 16. see Ákáśa.

Expiation, efficacy of, 210.

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