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P. 11, note 14, for the sense of the latter read the sense of the former

12, note 16, for there was neither the existent cause nor the nonexistent effect read the non-existent cause nor the existent effect

50, note, for son of Prachetas read son of the Prachetasas

98, note, for Puru read Prithu

176, note, refer to p. 421, n, 13, and add, 'In the Mahabharata, Ádi P., the Śuktimatí river is said to flow by the capital of Chedi'

213, for Vaibhrájas read Vairájas

226, note 21, for Avasht́hanas read Avasthánas

398, for his son was Suhotra, whose name was Jahnu read whose son was Jahnu

399, note 10, for Kuśánaba read Kuśámba

416, note 2, omit the second Aripu

457, for Jayasena Árávin read Jayasena, his son was Árávin


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