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p. 286

In this world there is not the blessing of complete happiness they say, how then should that happiness be attained in the next world? If death were not present with us from the first, how should it at last visit us. (Our ultimate good or bad fate is but a continuation of our present lot).


This frail body suffers numberless changes in many ways. Do we nourish and foster it? At last it is given to the funeral flames or to the foxes of the wilderness.


If a soldier skilled in war serves a base master he will disobey and turn again from seeking his favour. He will roam the towns and hamlets like a monkey.


Sand, coals, stones, grass, skin, dirt, sticks, where is the sinner who does not bless his teeth with some of these things.


Will not those who are ignorant of swimming fall into a deep well? How should those who understand swimming fall into the pit, alas, so as to be reduced to powder.

p. 287


If numerous vessels be placed in one house they are all in various shapes. If this diversity be removed, all will become space.


Why O ye men do ye always think on the body? Cannot ye perceive that the body is perishable? Like to a bandicote caught and dying in a trap.


If thou consider the deity far removed from thee, he shall be far from thee. If thou consider the body as his dwelling he shall dwell therein and if thou hold life to be his vehicle, such men shall remain stable as gods.


Classes and customs vary; but birth is one. Viands differ but hunger is one.


The Sun, Moon, Tusda, Woden (Bhouma), Thor (lit. the teacher, Brihaspati), Frida (sucra), and Saturn--These are signs only but each day is the same.

p. 288


What is Borax--a substance that is luminous coalesces with metals, uniting them in love. The life is united to the body in a similar manner.


He proceeded from woman and longs for woman. Why all this love of woman and affection for her. He who gives up woman shall gain wisdom.


All fear belongs to the animal body; if fear depart the whole essence shall become the divine spirit. All destruction belongs to the body and all victory to the soul.


Whatever difficulties a man meets within this world, it is not a place that can be instrumental to the attainment of the next world. Then they are not worthy however closely you view them.


p. 289

How many are they that live on earth, in heaven, and between them; has any one the power to count them. Those who live are indeed those who die.


If God be ours (if the Deity has been attained by us) in even the destruction, we shall rejoice in glorious majesty. He that knows not God shall remain a captive.