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Ah, these jasmines
Ah, who was it coloured that little frock
Bless this little heart
Child, how happy you are sitting in the dust
Come and hire me
Day by day I float my paper boats
I am small because I am a little child
If baby only wanted to, he could fly
If I were only a little puppy
If people came to know where my king's palace is
I long to go over there
Imagine, mother
I only said, "When in the evening"
I paced alone
It is time for me to go, mother
I want to give you something, my child
I wish I could take a quiet corner
Mother, I do want to leave off my lessons
Mother, let us imagine we are travelling
Mother, the folk who live up in the clouds
Mother, the light has grown grey
Mother, your baby is silly
On the seashore of endless worlds
O you shaggy-headed banyan tree
Say of him what you please
Sullen clouds are gathering
Supposing I became a champa flower
The boat of the boatman Madhu
The night was dark when we went away
The sleep that flits on baby's eyes
They clamour and fight
This song of mine
When I bring you coloured toys
When storm clouds
When the gong sounds ten
Where have I come from
Who stole sleep from baby's eyes
Why are those tears in your eyes, my child
Why do you sit there on the floor
You say that father writes a lot of books

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