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Indian Village Women Grinding Corn, ca. 1880 (Public Domain Image)

Studies from an Eastern Home

by Sister Nivedita
(Margaret E. Noble)


This is a set of essays by Sister Nivedita, published posthumously. Nivedita was a woman of Irish nationality who converted to Hinduism and spent her life selflessly helping the poor women of India. This book gives a rare ground-level vista of vernacular Hinduism from a woman's point of view in the 19th century. Pervading Nivedita's writing is an earnest quest for spiritual liberation and sincere love for the Indian people of all castes. Also at this site by Sister Nivedita are Kali the Mother, and The Web of Indian Life.

Title Page
Works by Sister Nivedita
Margaret Noble: In Memoriam
A Few Tributes
Books by Sister Nivedita
Life in the Hindu Quarter of Calcutta
Our Zenana Terrace
The Hindu Widow and the Zenana
The Sacred Year
Janmastami; The Day of the Great Birth
The Saraswati Puja
The Durga Puja
The Festival of Ras
The Plague
The Mediæval University of India
An Old Collegiate Village
The Holy City
An Indian Amulet
King Parikshit and the Frog Maiden
Gopaler-Ma: The Mother of the Christ-Child
The Indian Ash, or Tree of Healing
The Dread Seven
The Kashmir Shawl
The Land of the Water-Ways
The Northern Pilgrimage
Note to the Northern Pilgrimage
The Ship of Flowers