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Satapatha Brahmana Part III (SBE41), Julius Eggeling tr. [1894], at

p. 418

All the errata Eggeling which specifies here have been fixed in the etext using the linked errata file. These are marked *(Eggeling)* in the errata file.--JBH


Introduction, page xii, line 33. Read,--the day preceding the Soma-day, the animal offering to Agni-Soma being indeed a constant feature of that day's proceedings at every Soma-sacrifice; whilst the slaughter of the special victim, or victims, of the respective sacrifice takes place during the morning service, &c.

P. 5, last line of text. Read,--therefor.

P. 6, note 2, l. 3. Prishthya shadaha, see Introduction, p. xxi.

P. 8, last line of notes *(1)*. For 'II, 665' read 'II, 663, in a different tune again.'

P. 9, l. 5 of notes *(1)*. Read,--II, 720-22.

P. 34, l. 21. Read,--Brihaspati consecration.

P. 41, l. 14. For 'offering' read 'offspring.'

P. 104, l. 2. For 'truth' read 'law;' (cf. VI, 7, 3, 11.)

P. 146, l. 23. For 'become' read 'became.'

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