page xii: 'the day preceding the Soma-day; whilst, in the actual performance, the slaughtering of the victim, or victims, takes place during the morning service *(Eggeling)*'->'the day preceding the Soma-day, the animal offering to Agni-Soma being indeed a constant feature of that day's proceedings at every Soma-sacrifice; whilst the slaughter of the special victim, or victims, of the respective sacrifice takes place during the morning service'

page xix: 'Brahmana'->'Brâhmana'

page 5: 'therefore *(Eggeling)*'->'therefor'

page 8: 'II, 665 *(Eggeling)*'->'II, 663, in a different tune again'

page 8: 'II, 720-23 *(Eggeling)*'->'II, 720-22'

page 33: 'Vagâpeya'->'Vâgapeya'

page 34: 'Brihaspati Soma-feast *(Eggeling)*'->'Brihaspati consecration'

page 41: 'offering *(Eggeling)*'->'offspring'

page 50: 'Kanva'->'Kânva'

page 104: 'truth *(Eggeling)*'->'law'

page 119: 'precentor'->'presenter'

page 135: 'Sraushat'->'Sraushat'

page 146: 'become *(Eggeling)*'->'became'

page 284: 'manyways'->'many ways'

page 289: 'Prâgapati'->'Pragâpati'

page 325: '''->''