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VI, 50. Exorcism of vermin infesting grain in the field.

1. Slay ye the tarda ('borer'), the samanka ('hook'), and the mole, O Asvins; cut off their heads, and crush their ribs! Shut their mouths, that they shall not eat the barley; free ye, moreover, the grain from danger!
2. Ho tarda ('borer'), ho locust, ho gabhya ('snapper'), upakvasa! As a Brahman (eats not) an uncompleted sacrifice, do ye, not eating this barley, without working injury, get out!
3. O husband of the tardâ (-female), O husband Of the vaghâ (-female), ye of the sharp teeth, listen to me! The vyadvaras ('rodents') of the forest, and whatever other vyadvaras (there are), all these we do crush.

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