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VII, 70. Frustration of the sacrifice of an enemy.

1. Whenever yonder person in his thought, and with his speech, offers sacrifice accompanied by oblations and benedictions, may Nirriti (the goddess of destruction), allying herself with death, smite his offering before it takes effect!
2. May sorcerers, Nirriti, as well as Rakshas, mar his true work with error! May the gods, despatched by Indra, scatter (churn) his sacrificial butter; may that which yonder person offers not succeed!
3. The two agile supreme rulers, like two eagle-s pouiicing down, shall strike the sacrificial butter pf the enemy, whosoever plans evil against us!
4. Back do I tie both thy two arms, thy mouth I shut. With the fury of god Agni, have I destroyed thy oblation.
5. I tie thy two arms, I shut thy mouth. With the fury of terrible Agni have I destroyed thy oblation.

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