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7. To the effected (Brahman) (the souls are led); (thus opines) Bâdari; because going to him is possible.

With regard to the passage, 'He leads them to Brahman.'

p. 390

the doubt arises whether that person leads the souls to the effected, lower, Brahman, or to the highest, non-modified, chief Brahman.--Whence the doubt?--Because the (ambiguous) word Brahman is used, and because scripture speaks of going.--The opinion of the teacher Bâdari is that the person, who is not a man, leads them to the lower, qualified, effected Brahman; because it is possible to go to that. For the effected Brahman which occupies a definite place can be the goal of a journey. With the highest Brahman, on the other hand, we cannot connect the ideas of one who goes, or object of going, or act of going; for that Brahman is present everywhere and is the inner Self of all.

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