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p. xxiii


Aparârka = Aparârka's Commentary on the Yâgñavalkya-smriti, Deccan College MS.

Âpastamba, see Manu.

Baudhâyana, see Manu.

Col. Dig. = Colebrooke's Digest of Hindu Law (translation of Gagannâtha's work).

Dâyabhâga = Colebrooke's translation of the Dâyabhâga on Inheritance, or the Sanskrit text of the D., in the Calcutta edition of 1829.

Dâyakramasaṅgraha = Wynch's translation in Stokes's Hindu Law-Books, or the Calcutta edition.

Gagannâtha = Gagannâtha's Vivâdabhaṅgârnava (the work translated by Colebrooke), Bengali MS. in my possession.

Gautama, see Manu.

M. or Mitâksharâ = Mitâksharâ, the Calcutta edition of the Vyavahârâdhyâya, or Colebrooke's version of the Mitâksharâ on Inheritance.

M. Macn. = Macnaghten's translation of the Mitâksharâ on Administration of Justice.

Manu = the Code of Manu, ed. Jolly, London. 1887; or Professor Bühler's translation of the same. For the principal editions and translations of Âpastamba, Baudhâyana, and the other old law-books, I may refer to my volume of Tagore Law Lectures.

May. = Mandlik's translation of the Vyavahâra Mayûkha, in his Hindu Law, Bombay, 1880.

May. (text) = Mandlik's edition of the same, ibid.

Mayûkha = the same work.

Minor Nârada = The Institutes of Nârada, transl. by J. Jolly, London, 1876; or the unpublished Sanskrit original of the same work. Nârada = the present translation.

Nârada-smriti = The Institutes of Nârada, edited by J. Jolly, in the Bibliotheca Indica series.

Nepalese Nârada = Mr. Bendall's Nepalese Palm-leaf MS. of Nârada. Raghunandana = Raghunandana's Vyavahâratattva, the Calcutta edition.

Ratn. = Vivâda Ratnâkara, in the Bibliotheca Indica.

p. xxiv

Smritik. = Devannabhatta's Smritikandrikâ, India Office MS.

Smritikandrikâ = the same, or the chapter on Inheritance, transl. by Iyer.

Tod. or Todarânanda = Vyavahârasaukhya in Todar Mall's Todarânanda, Deccan College MS.

(Uncertain) = texts quoted as 'Smriti.' generally, without the name of the author being given.

Vasishtha, see Manu.

Vîram. = Vîramitrodaya, in Jîbânanda Vidyâsâgara's edition.

Vishnu, see Manu.

Viv. = Vivâdakintâmani, translated by Tagore, Calcutta, 1863.

Vivâdakintâmani = the Sanskrit text, Calcutta edition of 1837.

V. T. = Vivâdatândava by Kamalâkara, India Office MS.

Vy. K. = Vyavahârakintâmani by Vâkaspatimisra, Devanâgarî MS. in my possession.

gñavalkya, see Manu.

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