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1. The ground for building a house should be inclined towards the south-west. He elevates the surface and sweeps (the earth) with a broom of Palâsa wood or of Sami wood, with the next (verse, M. II, 15, 1), in the same (south-west) direction;

2. In the same way three times.

3. He touches the ground, which has thus been prepared, with the next (verse, II, 15, 2). Then he has the pits for the posts dug from left to right, throws the earth (from the pits) towards the inside (of the building-ground), and erects the right doorpost with the next two (verses, M. II, 15, 3. 4)

4. In the same way the other (door-post).

5. Having erected after (the door-posts) the other (posts) in the same order in which (the pits) have been dug, he recites the next Yagus (II, 15, 5) over the ridge-pole when it is placed (on the posts),

6. The next (six) (Yagus formulas, II, 15, 6-11) over the (house when it is) finished, according to the characteristics contained in the single formulas.

7. He sets a piece of Palâsa wood or of Samî wood on fire, takes the fire up (in a dish) with the next verse (II, 15, 12), carries it to the house with

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the next Yagus (II, 15, 13), and places the fire in the north-eastern part of the house with the next (II, 15, 14).

8. The place for the water-barrel is to the south of that spot.

9. He strews there Darbha grass, so that its points are turned in every direction, pours rice and barley-grains over the (grass) with the next (verse, II, 15, 15), and thereon he places the water-barrel.

10. With the next (Yagus, II, 15, 16) he pours four potfuls of water into it.

11. If (the barrel) breaks, he recites the next (verse, II, 15, 17) over it.

12. After the ceremonies from the putting of wood on the fire down to the Âgyabhâga oblations have been performed, he offers the (four) oblations (indicated by the) next (Mantras; II, 15, 18-21); then he enters upon the performance of the Gaya and following oblations.

13. Having performed (the rites) down to the sprinkling (of water) round (the fire), he should sprinkle (water) with a water-pot around the house or the resting-place on the inside, with the next Yagus (II, 15, 22) three times from left to right; then he should serve cakes, flour, and boiled rice to the Brâhmanas.

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