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1. Then (follows) in the sixth month the Annaprâsana (i.e. the first feeding with solid food).

2. In the fortnight of the increasing moon, under an auspicious constellation, he puts wood on the fire, performs the rites down to the Vyâhriti oblations, and sacrifices (with the Mantras), 'This, O Varuna' (&c.; see I, chap. 27, Sûtra 2, down to): 'Hail! Good luck!' Then he gives (to the child) threefold food to eat, curds, honey, and ghee, with (the formula), 'Bhûh I lay into thee! Bhuvah I lay into thee! Suvah I lay into thee!'

3. Then he gives him (other) food to eat with (the formula), 'I give thee to eat the essence of water and of the plants. May water and plants be kind towards thee. May water and plants do no harm to thee.'

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