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1. Now the examination of the ground (where he intends to build a house).

2. (It must be) non-salinous soil of undisputed property,

3. With herbs and trees,

4. On which much Kusa and Vîrana grass grows.

5. Plants with thorns and with milky juice he should dig out with their roots and remove them—

6. And in the same way the following (sorts of plants), viz. Apâmârga, potherbs, Tilvaka, Parivyâdha.

7. A spot where the waters, flowing together from all sides to the centre of it, flow round the resting-place, having it on their right side, and then flow off to the east without noise—that possesses all auspicious qualities.

8. Where the waters flow off, he should have the provision-room built.

p. 212

9. Thus it becomes rich in food.

10. On a spot which is inclined towards the south, he should have the assembly-room constructed; thus there will be no gambling in it.

11. (But others say that) in such (an assembly-room) the young people become gamblers, quarrelsome, and die early.

12. Where the waters flow together from all directions, that assembly-room (situated on such a spot) brings luck and is free from gambling.

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