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1. At the end of the sacrificial acts (follows) the distribution of food to Brâhmanas.

2. Voice, (pleasantness of) form, age, learning, moral character, (right) conduct are the qualities (required in the Brâhmanas who are to be invited thereto).

p. 16

3. Learning, however, outweighs every (other qualification).

4. A learned one should not be passed over.

5. 'The threefold (knowledge, viz. that) which refers to the deities, that which refers to the Âtman, and that which refers to sacrifice,

'(Handed down) in the Mantras and in the Brâhmana: this is called learning.

6. 'A performer of the sacred rights, a man who has studied (the Veda), who is old in learning and devoted to austerities:

'He who gives food (even) once to such (a Brâhmana), hunger will not befall that man any more.

7. 'Whatsoever deity he may wish to satiate at any sacrifice,

'Destining it to that (deity) in his mind, he shall give (the food) to a person like that.

8. 'An oblation deposited in a person like that will never miss its way to the deity;

'Treasure of men, vessel of gods (in which they receive what is given to them) he is called.'

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