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p. 301


1. Those among the twice-born who will act according to (the precepts promulgated in) this excellent law-code, which has been proclaimed by the god himself, shall obtain a most excellent abode in heaven.

2. It purifies from sin, it is auspicious, it leads to heaven, procures long life, knowledge (of the four objects of human pursuit) and renown, and increases wealth and prosperity.

3 . It must be studied, it must be borne in mind, it must be recited, it must be listened too, and it must be constantly repeated at Srâddhas by persons desirous of prosperity.

[4. This most sublime, mysterious collection of

doctrines has been proclaimed to thee, O goddess of the earth. In a kindly spirit and for the best of the world (have I promulgated) this body of eternal

[23. 1 See 1, 51.

C. 2. See XCIX, 4, note.

4. This last clause I consider, for divers reasons, to be an addition made by a modern copyist. 1. It is not commented upon in {footnote p. 302} Dr. Bühler's copy of the Vaigayantî. 2. It takes up, without any purpose, the speech of Vishnu, which had been concluded in XCVII, 21. 3. Recommendations to study and recite the laws just promulgated, like those contained in C, 1-3, form the conclusion of several other Dharmasâstras, 4. The substantive saubhâgyam is used like an adjective. 5. The first part of the whole passage is a detached hemistich.]

p. 302

laws, which is conducive to happiness, the best means of purification, destructive of bad dreams, productive of a great deal of religious merit, and the source of prosperity.]

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