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p. 263


1. Now on the day of full moon in the month Vaisâkha he must spread out upon a woollen blanket the skin of a black antelope (together with the horns and hoofs), after having adorned the former with gold and the latter with silver, and after having ornamented the tail with a string of pearls.

2. After that, he must cover (that part of the blanket which is not covered by the skin) with sesamum.

3. And he must adorn the navel with gold.

4. He must cover (the skin) with a couple of new garments.

5. He must place all sorts of perfumes and jewels upon it.

[LXXXVII. 1, The particle atha, 'now,' indicates the beginning of a new section, treating of gifts. It comprises Chapters LXXXVII-XCIII. (Nand.) The commentator infers from a corresponding passage of the Matsya-purâna, that the following further rules are implied in this Sûtra. The ceremony may also take place on the full moon days in the months Mâgha, Kârttika, and Âshâdha, on the twelfth day after the summer solstice, and during an eclipse of the sun or moon. The silver on the hoofs must weigh five Palas, And the gold on the horns ten Suvarnas (or two Palas and a half). The place must be pure, smeared with cow-dung, and covered with Kusa grass.

3. 'The Skânda-purâna states that the eyes must be adorned with jewels.' (Nand.)

5. 'And garlands of flowers and other objects must be placed upon it, as ka indicates.' (Nand.)]

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6. After having placed on its four sides (beginning with the eastern side) four metallic dishes (of copper, silver, white copper, and gold respectively) filled with milk, sour milk, honey, and clarified butter respectively, (and having poured out water) he must give (the skin, seizing it by the tail), to a Brâhmana, who is an Agnihotrin[1], decked with ornaments, and clad in two garments.

7. There are (the following) stanzas in regard to this subject:

8. 'He who bestows (upon a pious Brâhmana) the skin of a black antelope, together with the hoofs and horns, after having covered it with seeds of sesamum and garments, and adorned it with all sorts of jewels:

9. 'That man doubtless obtains the same reward as if he were to bestow the whole earth on him, bordered as it is on every side (by the oceans), together with the oceans and caverns, and with rocks, groves, and forests.

10. 'He who places sesamum, gold, honey, and butter on the skin of a black antelope and gives the whole to a Brâhmana, annihilates the consequences of all his own evil actions.'