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1. He must not have connection with his wife on the eighth, or fourteenth, or fifteenth day of the half-month.

2. And (he must avoid connubial intercourse) after having partaken of a Srâddha;

3. And after having given (a Srâddha);

4. And after having been invited to a Srâddha;

5. And while performing a vow of abstinence (such as that to be kept on the day before a Srâddha, or the fast to be observed on the eleventh day of the half-month);

6. And one who has performed the initiatory ceremony of a Soma-sacrifice;

7. And in a temple, in a burial-ground, and in an empty house;

8. And at the root of a tree (or shrub);

9. And in the day-time; 10. And in the twilight;

11. And with one unclean (or in her courses);

12. And while he is unclean himself; 13. And with one anointed with unguents; 14. And being anointed himself; 15. And with one sick; 16. And while he is sick himself,

17. He must not have connection, if he wishes to enjoy a long life, with a woman who has a limb too little, nor with one who has a limb too much, nor with one older than himself, nor with a pregnant woman.

[LXIX. 1. M. IV. 128; Y. I, 79.--9. Âpast. II, 1, 1, 16.--15. Gaut. IX, 28. The subject of daily duties being absolved, he now goes on to state (in Chapters LM, LXX) the rules that must be observed during the night. (Nand.)

4. The invitations to a Srâddha are issued on the day before it is to take place. (Nand.)]

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