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1. Now then[1] follow the purifying Mantras from all the Vedas.

[LVI. M. XI, 250-260; Y. III, 302-305; Gaut. XIX, 12; XXIV.

1. 1 'Now then,' i. e. the previous chapter containing an enumeration of secret sins, an enumeration of the purifying Mantras, by which they may be expiated, follows next. (Nand.)]

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2. By muttering them, or reciting them at a burnt-oblation, the twice-born are purified from their sins. (They are as follows:)

3. The Aghamarshana; 4. The Devakrita; 5. The Suddhavatîs; 6. The Taratsamandîya; 7. The Kûshmândîs; 8. The Pâvamânîs; 9. The Durgâsâvitrî; 10. The Atishangas; 11. The Padastobhas; 12. The Vyâhriti Sâmans.; 13. The Bhârundas; 14. The Kandrasâman; 15. The

[3. Rig-veda X, 190, 1. (This and the following references are based upon Nand.'s statements.)

4. Vâgasaneyi Samhitâ VIII, 13.

5. Rig-veda VIII, 84, 7-9.

6. Rig-veda IX, 58.

7. Vâgas. Samh, XX, 14-16 (Taitt. Ârany. X, 3-5).

8. The term Pâvamânyah in its most common use denotes the ninth book of the Rig-veda, but Nand. here refers it to Taitt. Brâhm. I, 4, 8.

9. Rig-veda I, 99, 1.

10. Sâma-veda II, 47-49. Regarding this and the following Sâmans see also Benfey, Ind. Stud. III, 199 seq., Burnell's Index to the Ârsheya Brâhmana, and S. Goldschmidt's remarks in his edition of the Âranyaka Samhitâ, Transactions of the Berlin Academy, 1868, p. 246 seq.

11. Sâma-veda II, 578-580.

12. 'The Vyâhriti Sâmans, i. e. bhûh and the four others.' (Nand.) The four others are, bhuvah, svah, satyam, purushah. See Ûyagâna III, 2, 10, in Satyavrata Sâmâsramî's edition of the Sâma-veda Samhitâ.

13. 'Bhârunda is the name of certain Sâmans, twenty-one in number, which begin with the words, yat te krishnah sakuna (Rig-veda X, 16, 6). They are contained in the Âranyagâna.' (Nand.) The reading of the last word is doubtful. At all events, the verse quoted by Nand. does not occur in the Âranyagâna. It may be that the Sâmans called Ekavimsatyanugâna are meant, which are found in that work, though they do not contain the verse referred to.

14. Sâma-veda I, 147.

15. Âranyaka Samhitâ IV, 33, 34, in Goldschmidt's edition, = Rig-veda X, 90, 1, 4.]

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two Sâmans called Purushavrata; 16. The Ablinga; 17. The Bârhaspatya; 18. The Gosûkta; 19. The Âsvasûkta; 20. The two Sâmans called Kandrasûkta; 21. The Satarudriya; 22. The Atharvasiras; 23. The Trisuparna; 24. The Mahâvrata; 25. The Nârâyanîya; 26. And the Purushasûkta;

2 7. The three Âgyadohas[1], the Rathantara[2], the Agnivrata[3], the Vâmadevya[4], and the Brihatsâman[5], properly chanted, purify man from sin; and if he wishes he may obtain through them recollection of his existence in a former life.

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