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1. One who has (unawares) had illicit sexual intercourse[1], must perform the Prâgâpatya penance for a year, according to the rule of the Mahâvrata, clad in a garment of bark, and living in a forest.

2. The same (penance is ordained) for sexual intercourse with the wife of another man (who belongs to his own caste, but is no Guru of his).

3. For intercourse with a cow, the Govrata (must be performed).

4. For intercourse with a man, for unnatural crimes with a woman, (for wasting his manhood) in the air, (for intercourse with a woman) in water, by day, or in a go-cart[1], he must bathe dressed in his clothes.

5. By intercourse (knowingly) with a Kandâla woman[1], he becomes her equal in caste.

6. For intercourse unawares with such, he must perform the Kândrâyana twice.

7. For intercourse (knowingly) with cattle (other) than cows) or with a public prostitute, (he must perform) the Prâgâpatya penance.

8. A woman who has committed adultery once,

[LIII. 1-8. M. XI, 106, 171-177.--4. Y. III, 291.--9. M. XI, 179.

1. 1 The crime intended here is explained by Nand. as being illicit intercourse with a step-mother, who belongs to the Sûdra caste.

3. See L, 16-24.

4. 1 'Or in a cart drawn by asses or by other beasts of draught, as the particle ka implies.' (Nand.)

5. 1 'Or with a woman of an equally degraded caste, such as tile Svapaka caste and others.' (Nand.)

8. See Sûtra 2.]

p. 175

must perform that penance which has been prescribed for an adulterer.

9. That guilt which a Brâhmana incurs by intercourse with a Kandâla woman one night, he can only remove by subsisting upon alms, and constantly repeating (the Gâyatrî) for three years.

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