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1. Killing a Brâhmana, drinking spirituous liquor,

[6. This proverb is also found in the Bhagavad-gîtâ, XVI, 21, and in the Mahâbhârata, V, 1036. See Böhtlingk, Ind. Sprüche, 2645.

XXXV. 1. M. IX, 235; XI, 55; Y. III, 227; Âpast. I, 7, 21, 8; Gaut. XXI, 1.--2, 3. M. XI, 181; Y. III, 227, 261; Gaut. XXI, 3.--4. M. XI, 181.]

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stealing the gold of a Brâhmana, and sexual connection with a Guru's wife are high crimes.

2. And social intercourse with such (criminals is also a high crime).

3. He who associates with an outcast is outcasted himself after a year;

4. And so is he who rides in the same carriage with him, or who eats in his company, or who sits on the same bench, or who lies on the same couch with him.

5. Sexual intercourse, intercourse in sacrificing, and intercourse by the mouth (with an outcast) entails immediate loss of caste.

6. Such mortal sinners are purified by a horse sacrifice and by visiting all Tîrthas (places of pilgrimage) on earth.

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