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The Sánkhya Aphorisms of Kapila

notes to the hypertext transcription

In the original text, the Sanskrit of all of the aphorisms was supplied, and that of many of the commentaries was shown in the notes. All of this was eliminated, and the footnotes remaining were in many cases edited to circumvent direct reference to the Sanskrit that was removed. Where reference to the deleted Sanskrit was deemed unavoidable, it was replaced with the ### symbol.

There are internal references to other parts of the text throughout, and all of these have been linked to allow for ease of navigation. In addition, every aphorism is preceded by a red asterisk link (i.e.: *), which is a self-referential anchor. This acts as a temporary bookmark, and by clicking on this anchor before following other links, you will be able to use your browser's back button to return directly to the aphorism that you were reading (and not to the beginning of the file) after following internal links.

There are several places in the text where it was necessary to add matching brakets, quotation marks, and other punctuation that are missing in the original; these changes are not marked or otherwise noted. The same is true of the diacritical marks in some of the Indian words and names. Also, there was a list of corrections and additions printed at the end of the book. These have all been incorporated into this rescension where they emend the English. Some have been changed without further notice, and others have been added as additional footnotes. Added footnotes are referenced by asterisk instead of number, but all commentary (excepting that enclosed in braces, i.e.: { }, and the minor emendations mentioned above) was the work of the translator or the original editor.