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Mozoomdar's Judgement.

Fortunately in our case we have the testimony not only of Vivekânanda, who, as a devoted disciple of Râmakrishna, might be suspected of partiality, but we have several independent witnesses, some favourable, others unfavourable. Mozoomdar must be counted as a favourable witness. He stands aloof from the propaganda carried on by Râmakrishna's disciples, but he speaks of him in the highest terms. In a letter which he addressed to me in September, 1895, he wrote: 'Both in Keshub's Life and Teachings, and in the

p. 62

old Theistic Review, I have frankly and warmly expressed my estimate of that saintly man and our obligations to him. But there was another side of his character, which of course one could not take up, because it was not edifying.' Here we see another ingredient of the Dialogic Process.

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