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1. IN the Tree clothed with goodly leaves where Yama drinketh with the Gods,
The Father, Master of the house, tendeth with love our ancient Sires.
2 I looked reluctantly on him who cherishes those men of old,
On him who treads that evil path, and then I yearned for this again.
3 Thou mountest, though thou dost not see, O Child, the new and wheel-less car
Which thou hast fashioned mentally, onepoled but turning every way.
4 The car which thou hast made to roll hitherward from the Sages, Child!
This hath the Sāman followed close, hence, laid together on a ship.
5 Who was the father of the child? Who made the chariot roll away?
Who will this day declare to us how the funeral gift was made?
6 When the funeral gift was placed, straightway the point of flame appeared.
A depth extended in the front: a passage out was made behind.
7 Here is the seat where Yama dwells, that which is called the Home of Gods:
Here minstrels blow the flute for him here he is glorified with songs.

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