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HYMN XCIII. Viśvedevas.

1. MIGHTY are ye, and far-extended, Heaven and Earth: both Worlds are evermore to us like two young Dames.
Guard us thereby from stronger foe; guard us hereby to give us strength.
2 In each succeeding sacrifice that mortal honoureth the Gods,
He who, most widely known and famed for happiness, inviteth them.
3 Ye who are Rulers over all, great is your sovran power as Gods.
Ye all possess all majesty: all must be served in sacrifice.
4 These are the joyous Kings of Immortality, Parijman, Mitra, Aryaman, and Varuṇa.
What else is Rudra, praised of men? the Maruts, Bhaga, Pūṣaṇa?
5 Come also to our dwelling, Lords of ample wealth, common partakers of our waters, Sun and Moon,
When the great Dragon of the Deep hath settled down upon their floors.
6 And let the Aśvins, Lords of splendour, set us free,—both Gods, and, with their Laws, Mitra and Varuṇa.
Through woes, as over desert lands, he speeds to ample opulence.
7 Yea, let the Aśvins Twain he gracious unto us, even Rudras, and all Gods, Bhaga, Rathaspati;
Parijman, Ṛbhu, Vāja, O Lords of all wealth Ṛbhukṣaṇas.
8 Prompt is Ṛbhukṣan, prompt the worshipper's strong drink: may thy fleet Bay Steeds, thine who speedest on, approach.
Not mans but God's is sacrifice whose psalm is unassailable.
9 O God Savitar, harmed by none, lauded, give us a place among wealthy princes.
With his Car-steeds at once 'hath our Indra guided the reins and the car of these men.
10 To these men present here, O Heaven and Earth, to us grant lofty fame extending over all mankind.
Give us a steed to win us strength, a steed with wealth for victory.
11 This speaker, Indra—for thou art our Friend—wherever he may be, guard thou, Victor! for help, ever for help
Thy wisdom, Vasu! prosper him.
12 So have they strengthened this mine hymn which seems to take its bright path to the Sun, and reconciles the men:
Thus forms a carpenter the yoke of horses, not to be displaced.
13 Whose chariot-seat hath come again laden with wealth and bright with gold,
Lightly, with piercing ends, as ’twere two ranks of heroes ranged for fight.
14 This to Duḥśīma Pṛthavāna have I sung, to Vena, Rama, to the nobles, and the King.
They yoked five hundred, and their love of us was famed upon their way.
15 Besides, they showed us seven-and-seventy horses here.
Tānva at once displayed his gift, Pārthya at once displayed his gift; and straightway Māyava showed his.

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