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HYMN LXX. Āprīs.

1. ENJOY, O Agni, this my Fuel, welcome the oil-filled ladle where we pour libation.
Rise up for worship of the Gods, wise Agni, on the earth's height, while days are bright with beauty.
2 May he who goes before the Gods come hither with steeds whose shapes are varied, Narasarhsa.
May he, most Godlike, speed our offered viands with homage God-ward on the path of Order.
3 Men with oblations laud most constant Agni, and pray him to perform an envoy's duty.
With lightly-rolling car and best draught-horses, bring the Gods hither and sit down as Hotar.
4 May the delight of Gods spread out transversely: may it be with us long in length and fragrant.
O Holy Grass divine, with friendly spirit bring thou the willing Gods whose Chief is Indra.
5 Touch ye the far-extending height of heaven or spring apart to suit the wide earth's measure.
Yearning, ye Doors, with those sublime in greatness, seize eagerly the heavenly Car that cometh.
6 Here in this shrine may Dawn and Night, the Daughters of Heaven, the skilful Goddesses, be seated.
In your wide lap, auspicious, willing Ladies may the Gods seat them with a willing spirit.
7 Up stands the stone, high burns the fire enkindled: Aditi's lap contains the Friendly Natures
Ye Two Chief Priests who serve at this our worship, may ye, more skilled, win for us rich possessions.
8 On our wide grass, Three Goddesses be seated: for you have we prepared and made it pleasant.
May Iḷā, she whose foot drops oil, the Goddess, taste, man-like, sacrifice and well-set presents.
9 Since thou, God Tvaṣṭar, hast made beauty perfect, since hou hast been the Aṅgirases' Companion,
Willing, most wealthy, Giver of possessions, grant us the Gods’ assembly, thou who knowest.
10 Well-knowing, binding with thy cord, bring hither, Lord of the Wood, the Deities' assembly.
The God prepare and season our oblations may Heaven and Earth be gracious to my calling.
11 Agni, bring hither Varuṇa to help us, Indra from heaven, from air's mid-realm the Maruts.
On sacred grass all Holy ones be seated and let the Immortal Gods rejoice in Svāhā.

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