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HYMN LXIII. Viśvedevas.

1. MAY they who would assume kinship from far away, Vivasvān's generations, dearly loved of men,
Even the Gods who sit upon the sacred grass of Nahuṣa's son Yayāti, bless and comfort us.
2 For worthy of obeisance, Gods, are all your names, worthy of adoration and of sacrifice.
Ye who were born from waters, and from Aditi, and from the earth, do ye here listen to my call.
3 I will rejoice in these Ādityas for my weal, for whom the Mother pours forth water rich in balm,
And Dyaus the Infinite, firm as a rock, sweet milk,—Gods active, strong through lauds, whose might the Bull upholds.
4 Looking on men, ne’er slumbering, they by their deserts attained as Gods to lofty immortality.
Borne on refulgent cars, sinless, with serpents' powers, they robe them, for our welfare, in the height of heaven.
5 Great Kings who bless us, who have come to sacrifice, who, ne’er assailed, have set their mansion in the sky,—
These I invite with adoration and with hymns, mighty Ādityas, Aditi, for happiness.
6 Who offereth to you the laud that ye accept, O ye All-Gods of Manu, many as ye are?
Who, Mighty Ones, will prepare for you the sacrifice to bear us over trouble to felicity?
7 Ye to whom Manu, by seven priests, with kindled fire, offered the first oblation with his heart and soul,
Vouchsafe us, ye Ādityas, sheitcr free from fear, and make us good and easy paths to happiness.
8 Wise Deities, who have dominion o’er the world, ye thinkers over all that moves not and that moves,
Save us from uncommitted and committed sin, preserve us from all sin to-day for happiness.
9 In battles we invoke Indra still swift to hear, and all the holy Host of Heaven who banish grief,
Agni, Mitra, and Varuṇa that we may gain, Dyays, Bhaga, Maruts, Prthivi for happiness:
10 Mightily-saving Earth, incomparable Heaven the good guide Aditi who gives secure defence
The well-oared heavenly Ship that lets no waters in, free from defect, will we ascend for happiness.
11 Bless us, all Holy Ones, that we may have your help, guard and protect us from malignant injury.
With fruitful invocation may we call on you, Gods, who give ear to us for grace, for happiness.
12 Keep all disease afar and sordid sacrifice, keep off the wicked man's malicious enmity.
Keep far away from us all hatred, O ye Gods, and give us ample shelter for our happiness.
13 Untouched by any evil, every mortal thrives, and, following the Law, spreads in his progeny.
Whom ye with your good guidance, O Ādityas, lead safely through all his pain and grief to happiness.
14 That which ye guard and grace in battle, O ye Gods, ye Maruts, where the prize is wealth, where heroes win,
That conquering Car, O Indra, that sets forth at dawn, that never breaks, may we ascend for happiness.
15 Vouchsafe us blessing in our paths and desert tracts, blessing in waters and in battle, for the light;
Blessing upon the wombs that bring male children forth, and blessing, O ye Maruts, for the gain of wealth.
16 The noblest Svasti with abundant riches, who comes to what is good by distant pathway,—
May she at home and far away preserve us, and dwell with us under the Gods’ protection
17 Thus hatb the thoughtful sage, the son of Plati, praised you, O Aditi and all Ādityas,
Men are made rich by those who are Immortal: the Heavenly Folk have been extolled by Gaya.

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