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HYMN XLVIII. Indra Vaikuntha.

1. I WAS the first possessor of all precious gear: the wealth of every man I win and gather up.
On me as on a Father living creatures call; I deal enjoyment to tho. man who offers gifts.
2 I, Indra, am Atharvan's stay and firm support: I brought forth kine to Trita from the Dragon's grasp.
I stripped the Dasyus of their manly might, and gave the cattle-stalls to Matarigvan and Dadhyac.
3 For me hath Tvaṣṭar forged the iron thunderbolt: in me the Gods have centred intellectual power.
My sheen is like the Sun's insufferably bright: men honour me as Lord for past and future deeds.
4 I won myself these herdi of cattle, steeds and kine, and gold in ample store, with my destructive bolt.
I give full many a thousand to the worshipper, what time the Somas and the lauds have made me glad.
5 Indra am I none ever wins my wealth from me never at any time am I a thrall to death.
Pressing the Soma, ask riches from me alone: ye, Pūrus, in my friendship shall not suffer harm.
6 These, breathing loud in fury, two and two, who caused Indra to bring his bolt of thunder to the fray,
The challengers, I struck with deadly weapon down: firm stand what words the God speaks to his worshippers.
This One by stronger might I conquered singly; yea, also two: shall three prevail against me?
Like many sheaves upon the floor I thrash them. How can my foes, the Indraless, revile me?
8 Against the Gungus I made Atithigva strong, and kept him mid the folk like Vṛtra-conquering strength,
When I won glory in the great foe-slaying fight, in battle where Karanja fell, and Parṇaya.
9 With food for mine enjoyment Sapya Nami came: he joined me as a friend of old in search of kine.
As I bestowed on him an arrow for the fight I made him worthy of the song apd hymn of praise.
10 One of the two hath Soma, seen within it; the Herdsman with the bone shows forth the other.
He, fain to fight the Bull whose horns were sharpened, stood fettered in the demon's ample region.
11 I, as a God, ne’er violate the statutes of Gods, of Vasus, Rudriyas, Ādityas.
These Gods have formed me for auspicious vigour, unconquered and invincible for ever.

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