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1. FORWARD upon their way proceed the ready teams, the lovely songs.
Further them glorious Pūṣan with yoked chariot, and the Mighty Twain!
2 With sacred hymns let this man here, this singer, win the God to whom
Belong this majesty and might. He hath observed our eulogies.
3 Pūṣan the Strong hath knowledge of sweet praises even as Indu hath.
He dews our corn with moisture, he bedews the pasture of our kine.
4 We will bethink ourselves of thee, O Pūṣan, O thou God, as One.
Who brings fulfilment of our hymns, and stirs the singer and the sage.
5 joint-sharer of each sacrifice, the driver of the chariot steeds;
The Ṛṣi who is good to man, the singer's Friend and faithful Guard.
6 One who is Lord of Suca, Lord of Suca caring for herself:
Weaving the raiment of the sheep and making raiment beautiful.
7 The mighty Lord of spoil and wealth, Strong Friend of all prosperity;
He with light movement shakes his beard, lovely and ne’er to be deceived.
8 O Pūṣan, may those goats of thine turn hitherward thy chariot-pole.
Friend of all suppliants; art thou, born in old time, and arm and sure.
9 May the majestic Pūṣan speed our chariot with his power and might.
May he increase our store of wealth and listen to this call of ours.

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