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HYMN XXIV. Indra. Aśvins.

1. O INDRA, drink this Soma, pressed out in the mortar, full of sweets.
Send down to us great riches,—at your glad carouse-in thousands, O Most healthy. Thou art waxing great.
2 To thee with sacrifices, with oblations, and with lauds we come.
Lord of all strength and power, grant-at your glad carouse-the best choiceworthy treasure. Thou art waxing great.
3 Thou who art Lord of precious boons, inciter even of the churl.
Guardian of singers, Indra,—at your glad carouse-save us from woe and hatred. Thou art waxing great.
4 Strong, Lords of Magic power, ye Twain churned the united worlds apart,
When ye, implored by Vimada, Nāsatyas, forced apart the pair.
5 When the united pair were rent asunder all the Gods complained.
The Gods to the Nāsatyas cried, Bring these together once again.
6 Sweet be my going forth, and rich in sweets be my approach to home.
So, through your Deity, both Gods, enrich us with all pleasantness.

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