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1. WHERE is famed Indra heard of? With what folk is he renowned to-day as Mitra is,—
Who in the home of Ṛṣis and in secret is extolled with song?
2 Even here is Indra famed, and among us this day the glorious Thunderer is praised,
He who like Mitra mid the folk hath won complete and full renown.
3 He who is Sovran Lord of great and perfect strength, exerter of heroic might,
Who bears the fearless thunder as a father bears his darling son.
4 Harnessing to thy car, as God, two blustering Steeds Of the Wind-God, O Thunderer,
That speed along the shining path, thou making ways art glorified.
5 Even to these dark Steeds of Wind thou of thyself hast come to ride,
Of which no driver may be found, none, be he God or mortal man.
6 When ye approach, men ask you, thee and Uśanā: Why come ye to our dwelling-place?
Why are ye come to mortal man from distant realms of eapth and heaven?
7 O Indra, thou shalt speak us fair: our holy prayer is offered up.
We pray to thee for help as thou didst strike the monster Śuṣṇa dead.
8 Around us is the Dasyu, riteless, void of sense, inhuman, keeping alien laws.
Baffle, thou Slayer of the foe, the weapon which this Dāsa wields.
9 Hero with Heroes, thou art ours: yea, strong are they whom thou dost help.
In many a place are thy full gifts, and men, like vassals, sing thy praise.
10 Urge thou these heroes on to slay the enemy, brave Thunderer! in the fight with swords.
Even when hid among the tribes of Sages numerous as stars.
11 Swift come those gifts of thine whose hand is prompt to rend and burn, O Hero Thunder-armed:
As thou with thy Companions didst destroy the whole of SuSnia's brood.
12 Let not thine excellent assistance come to us, O Hero Indra, profitless.
May we, may we enjoy the bliss of these thy favours, Thunderer!
13 May those soft impulses of thine, O Indra, be fruitful and innocent to us.
May we know these whose treasures are like those of milch-kine, Thunderer!
14 That Earth, through power of knowing things that may be known, handless and footless yet might thrive,
Thou slewest, turning to the right, gu;na for every living man.
15 Drink, drink the Soma, Hero Indra; be not withheld as thou art good, O Treasure-giver.
Preserve the singers and our liberal princes, and make us wealthy with abundant riches.

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