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HYMN LXXI. Soma Pavamana,

1. THE guerdon is bestowed: the Mighty takes his Seat, and, ever-Watchful, guards from fiend and evil sprite.
Gold-hued, he makes the cloud his diadem, the milk his carpet in both worlds, and prayer his robe of state.
2 Strong, bellowing, he goes, like one who slays the folk; he lets this hue of Asuras flow off from him,
Throws off his covering, seeks his father's meeting-place, and thus makes for himself the bright robe he assumes.
3 Onward he flows, from both the hands, pressed out with stones: excited by the prayer, the water makes him wild.
He frolics and draws near, completes his work with song, and bathes in streams to satisfy the worshipper.
4 They pour out meath around the Master of the house, Celestial Strengthener of the mountain that gives might;
In whom, through his great powers, oblation-eating cows in their uplifted udder mix their choicest milk.
5 They, the ten sisters, on the lap of Aditi, have sent him forward like a car from both the arms.
He wanders and comes near the Cow's mysterious place, even the place which his inventions have produced.
6 Like as a falcon to his home, so speeds the God to his own golden wisely-tashioned place to rest.
With song they urge the darling to the sacred grass: the Holy One goes like a courser to the Gods.
7 From far away, from heaven, the redhued noted Sage, Steer of the triple height, hath sung unto the kine.
With thousand guidings he, leading this way and that, shines, as a singer, splendidly through many a morn.
8 His covering assumes a radiant hue; where’er he comes into the fight he drives the foe afar.
The Winner of the Floods, with food he seeks the host of heaven, he comes to praises glorified with milk.
9 Like a bull roaming round the herds he bellows: he hath assumed the brilliancy of Sūrya.
Down to the earth hath looked the heavenly Falcon: Soma with wisdom views all living creatures.

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