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HYMN XIX. Soma Pavamana.

1. O SOMA, being purified bring us the wondrous treasure, meet
For lauds, that is in earth and heaven.
2 For ye Twain, Indra, Soma, are Lords of the light, Lords of the kine:
Great Rulers, prosper ye our songs.
3 The tawny Steer, while cleansed among the living, bellowing on the grass,
Hath sunk and settled in his home.
4 Over the Steer's productive flow the sacred songs were resonant,
The mothers of the darling Son.
5 Hath he not, purified, impregned the kine whb long to meet their Lord,
The kine who yield the shining milk?
6 Bring near us those who stand aloof strike fear into our enemies:
O Pavamana, find us wealth.
7 Soma, bring down the foeman's might, his vigorous strength and vital powe'r,
Whether he be afar or near.

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