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HYMN V Āprīs.

1. ENKINDLED, Pavamana, Lord, sends forth his light on, every side
In friendly show, the bellowing Bull.
2 He, Pavamana, Self-produced, speeds onward sharpening his horns:
He glitters through the firmament.
3 Brilliant like wealth, adorable, with splendour Pavamana shines,
Mightily with the streams of meath.
4 The tawny Pavamana, who strews from of old the grass with might,
Is worshipped, God amid the Gods.
5 The golden, the Celestial Doors are lifted with their frames on high,
By Pavamana glorified.
6 With passion Pavamana longs for the great lofty pair, well-formed
Like beauteous maidens, Night and Dawn
7 Both Gods who look on men I call, Celestial Heralds: Indra's Self
Is Pavamana, yea, the Bull.
8 This, Pavamana's sacrifice, shall the three beauteous Goddesses,
Sarasvatī and Bhāratī and Iḷā, Mighty One, attend.
9 1 summon Tvaṣṭar hither, our protector, champion, earliest-born,
Indu is Indra, tawny Steer; Pavamana is Prajāpati.
10 O Pavamana, with the meath in streams anoint Vanaspati,
The ever-green. the golden-hued, refulgent, with a thousand boughs.
11 Come to the consecrating rite of Pavamana, all ye Gods,—
Vāyu, Sūrya, Bṛhaspati, Indra, and Agni, in accord.

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