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HYMN VI. Indra.

1. INDRA, the poets with. their hymns extol this hero might of thine:
They strengthened, loud in song, thy power that droppeth oil. With hymns the Pauras came to thee.
2 Through piety they came to Indra for his aid, they whose libations give theejoy.
As thou with, Krsa and Samvarta hast rejoiced, so, Indra, be thou glad with us.
3 Agreeing in your spirit, all ye Deities, come nigh to us.
Vasus and Rudras shall come near to give us aid, and Maruts listen to our call.
4 May Pūṣan, Viṣṇu, and Sarasvatī befriend, and the Seven Streams, this call of mine:
May Waters, Wind, the Mountains, and the Forest-Lord, and Earth give ear unto my cry.
5 Indra, with thine own bounteous gift, most liberal of the Mighty Ones,
Be our boon benefactor, Vṛtra-slayer, be our feast-companion for our weal.
6 Leader of heroes, Lord of battle, lead thou us to combat, thou Most Sapient One.
High fame is theirs who win by invocations, feasts and entertainment of the Gods.
7 Our hopes rest on the Faithful One: in Indra is the people's life.
O Maghavan, come nigh that thou mayst give us aid: make plenteous food stream forth for us.
8 Thee would we worship, Indra, with our songs of praise: O Śatakratu, be thou ours.
Pour down upon Praskaṇva bounty vast and firm, exuberant, that shall never fail.

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