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1. THE Cow, the famous Mother of the wealthy Maruts, pours her milk:
Both horses of the cars are yoked,—
2 She in whose bosom all the Gods, and Sun and Moon for men to see,
Maintain their everlasting Laws.
3 This all the pious sing to us, and sacred poets evermore:
The Maruts to the Soma-draught
4 Here is the Soma ready pressed of this the Maruts drink, of this
Self-luminous the Aśvins drink.
5 Of this, moreover, purified, set in three places, procreant,
Drink Varuṇa, Mitra, Aryaman.
6 And Indra, like the Herald Priest, desirous of the milky juice,
At early morn will quaff thereof.
7 When have the Princes gleamed and shone through waters as through troops of foes'?
When hasten they whose might ispure?
8 What favour do I claim this day of you
great Deities, you who are
Wondrously splendid in yourselves?
9 1 call, to drink the Soma, those Maruts who spread all realms of earth
And luminous regions of the sky.
10 You, even such, pure in your might, you, O ye Maruts, I invoke
From heaven to drink this Somajuice.
11 The Maruts, those who have sustained and propped the heavens and earth apart,
I call to drink this Soma juice.
12 That vigorous band of Maruts that abidetb in the mountains, I
Invoke to drink this Soma juice.

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