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1. AGNI, your dearest Guest, I laud, him who is loving as a friend,
Who brings us riches like a car.
2 Whom as a far-foreseeing Sage the Gods have, from the olden time,
Established among mortal men.
3 Do thou, Most Youthful God, protect the men who offer, hear their songs,
And of thyself preserve their seed.
4 What is the praise wherewith, O God, Aṅgiras, Agni, Son of Strength,
We, after thine own wish and thought,
5 May serve thee, O thou Child of Power, and with what sacrifice's plan?
What prayer shall I now speak to thee?
6 Our God, make all of us to dwell in happy habitations, and
Reward our songs with spoil and wealth.
7 Lord of the house, what plenty fills the songs which thou inspirest now,
Thou whose hymn helps to win the kine?
8 Hirn Wise and Strong they glorify, the foremost Champion in the fray,
And mighty in his dwelling-place.
9 Agni, he dwells in rest and peace who smites and no one smites again:
With hero sons he prospers well

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