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1. THESE songs of mine go forth as lauds of Agni, the disposing Sage,
Whose worshipper is ne’er o’erthrown.
2 Wise Agni Jātavedas, I beget a song of praise for thee.
Who willingly receivest it.
3 Thy sharpened flames, O Agni, like the gleams of light that glitter through,
Devour the forests with their teeth.
4 Gold-coloured, bannered with the smoke, urged by the wind, aloft to heaven
Rise, lightly borne, the flames of fire.
5 These lightly kindled fiery flames are all around made visible,
Even as the gleanings of the Dawns.
6 As Jātavedas speeds along, the dust is black beneath his feet,
When Agni spreads upon the earth.
7 Making the plants his nourishment, Agni devours and wearies not,
Seeking the tender shrubs again.
8 Bending him down with all his tongues, he flickers with his fiery glow
Splendid is Agni in the woods.
9 Agni, thine home is in the floods: into the plants thou forcest way,
And as their Child art born anew.
10 Worshipped with offerings shines thy flame, O Agni, from the sacred oil,
With kisses on the ladle's mouth.
11 Let us serve Agni with our hymns, Disposer, fed on ox and cow,
Who bears the Soma on his back.
12 Yea, thee, O Agni, do we seek with homage and with fuel, Priest
Whose wisdom is most excellent.
13 O worshipped with oblations, pure Agni, we call on thee as erst,
Did Bhṛgu, Manus, Aṅgiras.
14 For thou, O Agni, by the fire, Sage by the Sage, Good by the Good,
Friend by the Friend, art lighted up.
15 So wealth in thousands, food with store of heroes give thou to the sage,
O Agni, to the worshipper.
16 O Agni, Brother, made by strength, Lord of red steeds and brilliant sway,
Take pleasure in this laud of mine.
17 My praises, Agni, go to thee, as the cows seek the stall to meet,
The lowing calf that longs for milk.
18 Agni, best Aṅgiras, to thee all people who have pleasant homes,
Apart, have turned as to their wish.
19 The sages skilled in holy song and thinkers with their thoughts have urged
Agni to share the sacred feast.
20 So, Agni, unto thee the Priest, Invoker, strong in forays, pray
Those who spin out the sacrifice.
21 In many a place, the same in look art thou, a Prince o’er all the tribes
In battles we invoke thine aid.
22 Pray thou to Agni, pray to him who blazes served with sacred oil:
Let him give ear to this our call.
23 We call on thee as such, as one who hears, as Jātavedas, one,
Agni! who beats away our foes.
24 I pray to Agni, King of men, the Wonderful, the President
Of holy Laws: may he give ear.
25 Him like a bridegroom, him who stirs all people, like a noble horse,
Like a fleet steed, we instigate.
26 Slaying things deadly, burning up foes, Rākṣasas, on every side,
Shine, Agni, with thy sharpened flame.
27 Thou whom the people kindle even as Manus did, best Aṅgiras!
O Agni, mark thou this my speech.
28 O Agni, made by strength! be thou born in the heavens or born in floods,
As such we call on thee with songs.
29 Yea, all the people, all the folk who have good dwellings, each apart,
Send food for thee to eat thereof.
30 O Agni, so may we, devout, gazed at by men, throughout our days,
Pass lightly over all distress.
31 We venerate with cheerful hearts the cheerful Agni, dear to all,
Burning, with purifying flame.
32 So thou, O Agni rich in light, beaming like Sūrya with thy rays
Boldly demolishest the gloom,
33 We pray to thee for this thy gift, Victor the gift that faileth not,
O Agni, choicest wealth from thee.

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