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HYMN XXIX Viśvedevas.

1. ONE is a youth brown, active, manifold he decks the golden one with ornament.
2 Another, luminous, occupies the place of sacritice, Sage, among the Gods.
3 One brandishes in his hand an iron knife, firm, in his seat amid the Deities.
4 Another holds the thunderbolt, wherewith he slays the Vṛtras, resting in his hand.
5 Another bears a pointed weapon: bright is he, and strong, with healing medicines.
6 Another, thief-like, watches well the ways, and knows the places where the treasures lie.
7 Another with his mighty stride hath made his three steps thither where the Gods rejoice.
8 Two with one Dame ride on with winged steeds, and journey forth like travellers on their way.
9 Two, highest, in the heavens have set their seat, worshipped with holy oil, imperial Kings.
10 Some, singing lauds, conceived the Sāma-hymn, great hymn whereby they caused the Sun to shine.

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