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HYMN XXV. Mitra-Varuṇa.

1. I WORSHIP you who guard this All, Gods, holiest among the Gods,
You, faithful to the Law, whose power is sanctified.
2 So, too, like charioteers are they, Mitra and sapient Varuṇa,
Sons high-born from of old, whose holy laws stand fast.
3 These Twain, possessors of all wealth, most glorious, for supremest sway
Aditi, Mighty Mother, true to Law, brought forth.
4 Great Varuṇa and Mitra, Gods, Asuras and imperial Lords,
True to Eternal Law proclaim the high decree.
5 The offspring of a lofty Power, Dakṣa's Two Sons exceeding strong,
Who, Lords of flowing rain, dwell in the place of food.
6 Ye who have gathered up your gifts, celestial and terrestrial food,
Let your rain come to us fraught with the mist of heaven.
7 The Twain, who from the lofty sky seem to look down on herds below,
Holy, imperial Lords, are set to be revered.
8 They, true to Law, exceeding strong, have sat them down for savran rule:
Princes whose laws stand fast, they have obtained their sway.
9 Pathfinders even better than the eye, with unobstructed sight,
Even when they close their lids, observant, they perceive.
10 So may the Goddess Aditi, may the Nāsatyas guard us well,
The Martits guard us well,.endowed with mighty strength.
11 Do ye, O Bounteous Gods, protect our dwelling lace by day and night:
With you for our defenders may we go unharmed.
12 May we, unharmed, serve bountiful Viṣṇu, the God who slayeth none:
Self-moving Sindhu hear and be the first to mark.
13 This sure protection we elect, desirable and reaching far,
Which Mitra, Varuṇa, and Aryaman afford.
14 And may the Sindhu of the floods, the Maruts, and the ASvin Pair,
Boon Indra, and boon Viṣṇu have one mind with us.
15 Because these warring Heroes stay the enmity of every foe,
As the fierce water-flood repels the furious ones.
16 Here this one God, the Lord of men, looks forth exceeding far and wide:
And we, for your advantage, keep his holy laws.
17 We keep the old accustomed laws, the statutes of supremacy,
The Iong-known laws of Mitra and of Varuṇa.
18 He who hath measured with his ray the boundaries of heaven and earth,
And with his majesty hath filled the two worlds full,
19 Sūrya hath spread his light aloft up to the region of the sky,
Like Agni all aflame when gifts are offered him.
20 With him who sits afar the word is lord of food that comes from kine,
Controller of the gift of unempoisoned food.
21 So unto Sūrya, Heaven, and Earth at morning and at eve I speak.
Bringing enjoyments ever rise thou up for us.
22 From Uksanyayana a bay, from Harayana a white steed,
And from Susaman we obtained a hamessed car.
23 These two shall bring me further gain of troops of tawny-coloured steeds,
The carriers shall they be of active men of war.
24 And the two sages have I gained who hold the reins and bear the whip,
And the two great strong coursers, with my newest song.

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