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HYMN XX Maruts.

1. LET none, Swift Travellers! check you: come hither, like-spirited, stay not far away,
Ye benders even of what is firm.
2 Maruts, Ṛbhukṣans, Rudras come ye with your cars strong-fellied and exceeding bright.
Come, ye for whom we long, with food, to sacrifice, come ye with love to Sobbari.
3 For well we know the vigorous might of Rudra's Sons, the Martits, who are passing strong,
Swift Viṣṇu's band, who send the rain.,
4 Islands are bursting forth and misery is stayed: the heaven and earth are joined in one.
Decked with bright rings, ye spread the broad expanses out, when ye, Self. luminous, stirred yourselves.
5 Even things immovable shake and reel, the mountains and the forest trees at your approach,
And the earth trembles as ye come.
6 To lend free course, O Maruts, to your furious rush, heaven high and higher still gives way,
Where they, the Heroes mighty with their arms, display their gleaming omaments on their forms.
7 After their Godlike nature they, the bull. like Heroes, dazzling and impetuous, wear
Great splendour as they show erect.
8 The pivot of the Sobharis' chariot within the golden box is balmed with milk.
May they the Well-born, Mighty, kindred of the Cow, aid us to food and to delight.
9 Bring, ye who sprinkle balmy drops. oblations to your vigorous Marut company,
To those whose leader is the Bull.
10 Come hither, O ye Mares, on your stronghorsed car, solid in look, with solid naves.
Lightly like winged falcons, O ye Heroes, come, come to enjoy our ofrerings.
11 Their decoration is the same: their omaments of gold are bright upon their arms;
Their lances glitter splendidly.
12 They toil not to defend their bodies from attack, strong Heroes with their mighty arms.
Strong are your bows and strong the weapons in your cars, and glory sits on every face.
13 Whose name extendeth like a sea, alone, resplendent, so that all have joy in it,
And life-power like ancestral might.
14 Pay honour to these Maruts and sing praise to them, for of the wheel-spokes of the car
Of these loud roarers none is last: this is their power, this moves them to give mighty gifts.
15 Blest by your favouring help was he, O Maruts, at the earlier flushings of the morn,
And even now shall he be blest.
16 The strong man to whose sacrifice, O Heroes, ye approach that ye may taste thereof,
With glories and with war that winneth spoil shall gain great bliss, ye Shakers of the world.
17 Even as Rudra's Sons, the brood of the Creator Dyaus, the Asura, desire,
O Youthful Ones, so shall it be:
18 And these the bounteous, worthy of the Maruts who move onward pouring down the rain-
Even for their sake, O Youthful Ones, with kindest heart take us to you to be your own.
19 O Sobhari, with newest song sing out unto the youthful purifying Bulls,
Even as a plougher to his steers.
20 Who, like a celebrated boxer, overcome the challengers in every fight:
They who, like shining bulls, are most illustrious-honour those Maruts with thy song.
21 Allied by common ancestry, ye Maruts, even the Cows, alike in energy,
Lick, all by turns, each other's head.
22 Even mortal man, ye Dancers breast adorned with gold, attains to brotherhood with you.
Mark ye and notice us, O Maruts; evermore your friendship is secured to us.
23 O Maruts, rich in noble gifts, bring us a portion of the Maruts’ medicine,
Ye Coursers who are Friends to us.
24 Haters of those who serve you not, bliss-bringers, bring us bliss with those auspicious aids
Wherewith ye are victorious and guard Sindhu well, and succour Krvi in his need.
25 Maruts, who rest on fair trimmed grass, what balm soever Sindhu or Asikni hath,
Or mountains or the seas contain.
26 Ye carry on your bodies, ye who see it all: so bless us graciously therewith.
Cast, Maruts, to the ground our sick man's malady: replace the dislocated limb.

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