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1. INDRA, when Soma juices flow, makes his mind pure and meet for lauds.
He gains the power that brings success, for great is he.
2 In heaven's first region, in the seat of Gods, is he who brings success,
Most glorious, prompt to save, who wins the water-floods.
3 Him, to win strength, have I invoked, even Indra mighty for the fray.
Be thou most near to us for bliss, a Friend to aid.
4 Indra, Song -lover, here for thee the worshipper's libation flows.
Rejoicing in this sacred grass thou shinest forth.
5 Even now, O Indra, give us that which, pressing juice, we crave of thee.
Bring us wealth manifold which finds the light of heaven.
6 What time the zealous worshipper hath boldly sung his songs to thee,
Like branches of a tree up-grows what they desire.
7 Generate songs even as of old, give car unto the singer's call.
Thou for the pious hast grown great at each carouse.
8 Sweet strains that glorify him play like waters speeding down a slope,
Yea, him who in this song is called the Lord of Heaven;
9 Yea, who alone is called the Lord, the single Ruler of the folk,
By worshippers seeking aid: may he joy in the draught.
10 Praise him, the Glorious, skilled in song, Lord of the two victorious Bays:
They seek the worshipper's abode who bows in prayer.
11 Put forth thy strength: with dappled Steeds come, thou of mighty intellect,
With swift Steeds to the sacrifice, for ’tis thy joy.
12 Grant wealth to those who praise thee, Lord of Heroes, Mightiest Indra: give
Our princes everlasting fame and opulence.
13 I call thee when the Sun is risen, I call thee at the noon of day:
With thy car-horses, Indra, come wellpleased to us.
14 Speed forward hither, come to us, rejoice thee in the milky draught:
Spin out the thread of ancient time, as well is known.
15 If, Śakra, Vṛtra-slayer, thou be far away or near to us.
Or in the sea, thou art the guard of Soma juice.
16 Let songs we sing and Soma-drops expressed by us make Indra strong:
The tribes who bring oblations find delight in him.
17 Him sages longing for his aid, with offerings brought in eager haste,
Him. even as branches, all mankind have made to grow.
18 At the Trkadrukas the Gods span sacrifice that stirred the mind:
May our songs strengthen him who still hath strengthened us.
19 When, true to duty, at due times the worshipper offers lauds to thee,
They call him Purifier, Pure, and Wonderful.
20 That mind of Rudra, fresh and strong, moves conscious in the ancient ways,
With reference whereto the wise have ordered this.
21 If thou elect to be my Friend drink of this sacrificial juice,
By help whereof we may subdue all enemies.
22 O Indra, Lover of the song, when shall thy praiser be most blest?
When wilt thou grant us wealth in herds of kine and steeds?
23 And thy two highIy-lauded Bays, strong stallions, draw thy car who art
Untouched by age, most gladdening car for which we pray.
24 With ancient offerings we implore the Young and Strong whom many praise.
He from of old hath sat upon dear sacred grass.
25 Wax miglity, thou whom many laud for aids which Ṛṣis have extolled.
Pour down for us abundant food and guard us well.
26 O Indra, Caster of the Stone, thou helpest him who praises thee:
From sacrifice I send to thee a mindyoked hymn.
27 Here, yoking for the Soma-draught these Horses, sharers of thy feast,
Thy Bay Steeds, Indra, fraught with weal tb, consent to come.
28 Attendants on thy glory, let the Rudras roar assent to thee,
And all the Marut companies come tothe feast.
29 These his victorious followers bold in the heavens the place they love,
Leagued in the heart of sacrifice, as well we know.
30 That we may long behold the light, what time the ordered rite proceeds,
He duly measures, as he views, the sacrifice.
31 O Indra, strong is this thy car, and strong are these Bay Steeds of thine:
O Śatakratu, thou art strong, strong is our call.
32 Strong is the press-stone, strong thy joy, strong is the flowing Soma juice:
Strong is the rite thou furtherest, strong is our call.
33 As strong I call on thee the Strong, O Thunderer with thy thousand aids:
For thou hast won the hymn of praise. Strong is our call.

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