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HYMN XCVI. Sarasvatī.

1. I SING a lofty song, for she is mightiest, most divine of Streams.
Sarasvatī will I exalt with hymns and lauds, and, O Vasiṣṭha, Heaven and Earth.
2 When in the fulness of their strength the Pūrus dwell, Beauteous One, on thy two grassy banks,
Favour us thou who hast the Maruts for thy friends: stir up the bounty of our chiefs.
3 So may Sarasvatī auspicious send good luck; she, rich in spoil, is never niggardly in thought,
When praised in jamadagni's way and lauded as Vasiṣṭha lauds.
4 We call upon Sarasvān, as unmarried men who long for wives,
As liberal men who yearn for sons.
5 Be thou our kind protector, O Sarasvān, with those waves of thine
Laden with sweets and dropping oil.
6 May we enjoy Sarasvān's breast, all-beautiful, that swells with streams,
May we gain food and progeny.

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