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HYMN LXXXIV. Indra-Varuṇa.

1. KINGS, Indra-Varuṇa, I would turn you hither to this our sacrifice with gifts and homage.
Held in both arms the ladle, dropping fatness, goes of itself to you whose forms are varied.
2 Dyaus quickens and promotes your high dominion who bind with bonds not wrought of rope or cordage.
Far from us still be Varuṇa's displeasure may Indra give us spacious room to dwell in.
3 Make ye our sacrifice fair amid the assemblies: make ye our prayers approved among our princes.
May God-sent riches come for our possession: further ye us with your delightful succours.
4 O Indra-Varuṇa, vouchsafe us riches with store of treasure, food, and every blessing;
For the Āditya, banisher of falsehood, the Hero, dealeth wealth in boundless plenty.
5 May this my song reach Varuṇa and Indra, and, strongly urging, win me sons and offspring.
To the Gods’ banquet may we go with riches. Preserve us evermore, ye Gods, with blessings.

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