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HYMN LXVI Mitra-Varuṇa.

1. LET our strong hymn of praise go forth, the laud of Mitra-Varuṇa,
With homage to that high-born Pair;
2 The Two exceeding wise, the Sons of Dakṣa, whom the gods ordained
For lordship, excellently great.
3 Such, Guardians of our homes and us, O Mitra-Varuṇa, fulfil
The thoughts of those who sing your praise.
4 So when the Sun hath risen to-day, may sinless Mitra, Aryaman,
Bhaga, and Savitar sendus forth.
5 May this our home be guarded well forward, ye Bounteous, on the way,
Who bear us safely o’er distress.
6. And those Self-reigning, Aditi, whose statute is inviolate,
The Kings who rule a vast domain.
7 Soon as the Sun hath risen, to you, to Mitra-Varuṇa, I sing,
And Aryarnan who slays the foe.
8 With wealth of gold may this my song bring unmolested power and might,
And, Brahmans, gain the sacrifice.
9 May we be thine, God Varuṇa, and with our princes, Mitra, thine.
Food and Heaven's light will we obtain.
10 Many are they who strengthen Law, Sun-eyed, with Agni for their tongue,
They who direct the three great gatherings with their thoughts, yea, all things with surpassing might.
11 They who have stablished year and month and then the day, night, sacrifice and holy verse,
Varuṇa, Mitra, Aryarnan, the Kings, have won dominion which none else may gain.
12 So at the rising of the Sun we think of you with hymns to-day,
Even as Varuṇa, Mitra, Aryaman deserve: ye are the charioteers of Law.
13 True to Law, born in Law the strengtheners of Law, terrible, haters of the false,
In their felicity which gives the best defence may we men and our princes dwell.
14 Uprises, on the slope of heaven, that marvel that attracts die sight
As swift celestial Etaśa bears it away, prepared for every eye to see.
15 Lord of each single head, of fixt and moving things, equally through the whole expanse,
The Seven sister Bays bear Sūrya on his car, to bring us wealth and happiness.
16 A hundred autumns may we see that bright Eye, God-ordained, arise
A hundred autumns may we live.
17 Infallible through your wisdom, come hither, resplendent Varuṇa,
And Mitra, to the Soma draught.
18 Come as the laws of Heaven ordain, Varuṇa, Mitra, void of guile:
Press near and drink the Soma juice.
19 Come, Mitra, Varuṇa, accept, Heroes, our sacrificial gift:
Drink Soma, ye who strengthen Law.

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