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HYMN LVI. Maruts.

1. Wno are these radiant men in serried rank, Rudra's young heroes borne by noble steeds?
2 Verily no one knoweth whence they sprang: they, and they only, know each other's birth.
3 They strew each other with their blasts, these Hawks: they strove together, roaring like the wind.
4 A sage was he who knew these mysteries, what in her udder mighty Pṛśni bore.
5 Ever victorious, through the Maruts, be this band of Heroes, nursing manly strength,
6 Most bright in splendour, flectest on their way, close-knit to glory, strong with varied power.
7 Yea, mighty is your power and firm your strength: so, potent, with the Maruts, be the band.
8 Bright is your spirit, wrathful are your minds: your bold troop's minstrel is like one inspired.
9 Ever avert your blazing shaft from us, and let not your displeasure reach us here
10 Your dear names, conquering Maruts, we invoke, calling aloud till we are satisfied.
11 Well-armed, impetuous in their haste, they deck themselves, their forms, with oblations: to you, the pure, ornaments made of gold.
12 Pure, Maruts, pure yourselves, are your oblations: to you, the pure, pure sacrifice I offer.
By Law they came to truth, the Law's observers, bright by their birth, and pure, and sanctifying.
13 Your rings, O Maruts, rest upon your shoulders, and chains of gold are twined upon your bosoms.
Gleaming with drops of rain, like lightning-flashes, after your wont ye whirl about your weapons.
14 Wide in the depth of air spread forth your glories, far, most adorable, ye bear your titles.
Maruts, accept this thousandfold allotment of household sacrifice and household treasure.
15 If, Maruts, ye regard the praise recited here at this mighty singer invocation,
Vouchsafe us quickly wealth with noble heroes, wealth which no man uho hateth us may injure.
16 The Maruts, fleet as coursers, while they deck them like youths spectators of a festal meeting,
Linger, like beauteous colts, about the dwelling, like frisking calves, these who pour down the water.
17 So may the Maruts help us and be gracious, bringing free room to lovely Earth and Heaven.
Far be your bolt that slayeth men and cattle. Ye Vasus, turn yourselves to us with blessings.
18 The priest, when seated, loudly calls you, Maruts, praising in song your universal bounty.
He, Bulls! who hath so much in his possession, free from duplicity, with hymns invokes you.
19 These Maruts bring the swift man to a stand-still, and strength with mightier strength they break and humble
These guard the singer from the man who hates him and lay their sore displeasure on the wicked.
20 These Maruts rouse even the poor and needy: the Vasus love him as an active champion.
Drive to a distance, O ye Bulls, the darkness: give us full store of children and descendants.
21 Never, O Maruts, may we lose your bounty, nor, car-borne Lords! be hitidmost when ye deal it.
Give us a share in that delightful treasure, the genuine wealth that, Bulls! is your possession.
22 What time the men in fury rush together for running streams, for pastures, and for houses.
Then, O ye Maruts, ye who spring from Rudra, be our protectors in the strife with foemen.
23 Full many a deed ye did for our forefathers worthy of lauds which, even of old, they sang you.
lle strong man, with the Maruts, wins in battle, the charger, with the Maruts, gains the booty.
24 Ours, O ye Maruts, be the vigorous Hero, the Lord Divine of men, the strong Sustainer,
With whom to fair lands we may cross the waters, and dwell in our own home with you beside us.
25 May Indra, Mitra, Varuṇa and Agni, Waters, and Plants, and Trees accept our praises.
May we find shelter in the Marut's bosom. Preserve us evermore, ye Gods, with blessings.

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