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1. SOMA unpressed ne’er gladdened liberal Indra, no juices pressed without a prayer have pleased him.
I generate a laud that shall delight him, new and heroic, so that he may hear us.
2 At every laud the Soma gladdens Indra: pressed juices please him as each psalm is chanted,
What time the priests with one united effort call him to aid, as sons invoke their father.
3 These deeds he did; let him achieve new exploits, such as the priests declare at their libations.
Indra hath taken and possessed all castles, like as one common husband doth his spouses.
4 Even thus have they declared him. Famed is Indra as Conqueror, sole distributer of treasures;
Whose many succours come in close succession. May dear delightful benefits attend us.
5 Thus, to bring help to men, Vasiṣṭha laudeth Indra, the peoples' Hero, at libation.
Bestow upon us strength and wealth in thousands. Preserve us evermore, ye Gods, with blessings.

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